9 Things that are Required to Please Your Customers


Any business success is definitely dependent on customers. Thus it is just fair and a must, that you do what it takes to ensure that you please your customers. You should never take customers for granted.

What it takes to please your customers?
1. Genuine Interaction
Nothing beats genuine interaction, while dealing with your customers. Genuine concern, care and intention are good ways for you to cross the bridge between business relationships, to a more personal note. Customers can easily notice genuine versus fake, with the way a representative talks, and therefore you cannot deceive them. Keep it real and it will definitely show.
2. Call them by their Name
Yes, calling your customers by their name is an easy way for you to make them feel important. Sir John, Miss Christy – instead of the generic miss or sir, is a sure way to your customer’s heart.
3. Eye Contact
Eye contact is important and necessary, actually not just when you are talking to customers, all the time. It is a way of saying that “I am sincere”, “I am telling you the truth”, “you are important”, “I respect you”. There is a lot of meaning behind eye contact, and customers are definitely looking for it. Do not lose eye contact when talking to customers as this is truly important.
4. Build Trust
Building trust may not be easy, especially that you are coming as strangers to them; nevertheless, making ways to build their trust is a must.
Make use of the different means getting their trust

  • Do not give them false information – Tell them only the truth, and do not give them wrong information just to close a sale.
  • Tell both pros and cons – When you introduce a product or service, always inform them not only the pros, but the drawbacks as well. Getting or building their trust by letting them know everything they need to know is a sure plus.
  • Be true to whatever it is that you commit – It can be as simple as saying ” I will get back to you in 2 minutes”, customers will definitely expect that whatever you say is true, and the time you break your commitment, is surely an easy way to break their trust. Never break anything you promise, do not commit if you think you cannot comply.

5. Maintaining Transparency
It is a must that you maintain transparency with your customers, transparency of telling them everything – no hidden charges, no hidden defects, and no consequences. Transparency is a way to let them know everything that they need to know. Do not give your customers all with good words and end up getting disappointed.

Do not hesitate to tell your customers everything they need to know, do not keep anything from them, treat them fair, and make sure that they are not blinded with things that they need to know, but you opt not to, just because all you want is your personal welfare.

6. Always say “Please” and “Thank You”
Saying please and thank you will not cost you, but instead will give you better connection with your customers. Simple words that really mean a lot to them – appreciation and respect are two things that can be achieved by those simple words.
7. Provide Guarantee
Guarantee by words, giving them assurance of the benefits they can possibly get, but of course all should be true and not only false expectations. Providing guarantee through words or experiences of satisfaction – you can share from your previous customers, your personal experiences, manufacturer’s claims and the like.
And if possible giving them months or years of guarantee of repair on products they order or services you render. Extending the guarantee or warranty of either the service or product you can provide is definitely something that can make your customers truly happy.
8. Follow up on your Promises
You should be able to comply with whatever it is that you committed or promised, if you say you can deliver, then it should happen without any excuses. If there are delays or possible issues, never fail to follow up or inform your customers. Updates are truly important to customers, as this is a way for them to know that you are doing something about the commitment you have made.
9. And last, but surely not the least, Be Loyal
Being loyal to your customers by prioritizing their welfare more than anything is a must. Their welfare is your priority, and this something that they need to know.
It is just a must that you put your customers to pedestal, they are the bread and butter of any businesses, and thus giving what they deserve is just a must.
Paul Gilbert is a professional blogger, an enthusiast who loves to write on several topics including Insurance, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation Attorney & Social Security Disability. He is also a part-time consultant at Zea Proukou, providing best solutions & support to injured workers for claiming workplace injury benefits under Workers’ Compensation.