Adding Customer experiences to Telecommunications


Telecommunications is a big business. So big that it leaves marketers drool over its scale, scope, customer base, budgets, and the size of business it handles year after year. What makes it most lucrative, is its recurring revenue model. But little do the envious know about the challenges telecom businesses face; aggressively fighting for market share, regulation, technology convergence, and retaining customers.
Presently an aura of rapid erosion of customers is observed, induced by the commoditization of products and services, fierce price wars, and customers continually being courted by competitors. According to various studies, the telecommunication industry experiences an average of 35-65% of customer churn rate annually.
Telecommunications have come a long way from Alexander Bell inventing the telephone and has not stopped revolutionizing since. So has customer relationships; creating valued relationships with customers a matter of paramount importance.
But, telecom industries compared to other industries suffers from low customer engagement scores and have a higher incidence of customer issues and concerns. What it needs is to deliver an exceptional and drastically improved level of customer experience. Because it is only with customer experience, companies can stand apart from the competition and turn customers into public advocates.
Telecom businesses face mainly 5 challenges from a customer service standpoint:

  • Decreasing ARPU: Irrespective of providing high-value and low-value customers with bundled offerings and VAS, Average Rate Per User per year substantially decreases.
  • Increasing Customer attrition: With customers switching companies at a drop of a hat, telecom companies find it close to impossible to retain customers.
  • Big but empty brands: With low-cost operators in the picture, differentiation is elusive in the industry. They offer services and products at lower costs, and the big brands have nothing more to offer.
  • Inconsistent customer experience across the channel: Customer touchpoints and channels are evolving and increasing in number. Telecom businesses find it hard to keep up with the emerging channels resulting in inconsistency in service quality.
  • An increasing number of customer complaints: Part of the business, expends their time and resource to handle customer concerns, and provide solutions for the issues experienced. What makes matters worse, are when the agent handling the customer call is unequipped with the required information or tools to resolve the issue.

What telecom businesses need is a smart customer interaction management software that is capable of delivering consistent customer experience across all channels, and ensuring customers and employees are positively engaged. With floundering operational pressures and the emergence of multimedia channels, complexity is growing in the communication domain. But if telecom businesses could invest in a platform to orchestrate effortless customer journeys across all channels, they could deliver a reliable and robust customer experience customers expect.
Now businesses must be pondering on how a technology solution can commit to superior customer experience and resolve all the hassles of customer communication. We have the answer.
Ameyo technology is a state-of-the-art communication platform that simplifies and streamlines customer interactions and ensures companies gain from the solution through excellent service and advocacy. Here is how….

  • Consistent Omni-channel Experience: Ameyo ensures the provision of consistent customer experience across all available channels, harmonizing customer relationships at all ends. It allows customers to seamlessly move from a self-service IVR (balance inquiry) to a live agent call (dispute). Ameyo allows customers to be engaged at social media and alerts businesses customer complaints before it evolves into a PR nightmare.
  • Proactive Customer Engagement: Ameyo reduces customers swamping your contact center with calls for updates by sending out notifications. It monitors the customers’ web behavior to offer personalized assistance, and to keep customers from moving elsewhere due to incomplete transactions.
  • Skill-based Routing: Ameyo makes sure that incoming queries and inquiries are handled by the best service agent available in the force.
  • Workforce Management: Ameyo facilitates planning, assessing, and training employees to achieve operational efficiency and effectiveness at all levels of engagement. Ameyo is capable of adjusting to agent schedules and tasks to make sure an agent is always available to a customer. Ameyo understands the probability of an agent adding to the dissatisfaction of a customer, instead of reversing it.
  • Customer insights: With Ameyo, telecom businesses can capture customer information and provide agents with a comprehensive preview of the customer when handling complaints or deciding upon the best suitable plan for the customer.
  • Seamless Integration: Ameyo allows for integration with third-party tools and technologies, future upgradation, and innovation in the system, allowing businesses to always stay ahead of the curve.

Mahanagar Telephone Mauritius Limited (MTML), one of the leading telecom service providers in Mauritius faced similar challenges primarily low billings and collections, multi-linguistic requirements, and customer retention. MTML was in search of a solution that could address these challenges, and guarantee high uptime.
Click here (MTML Success Story) to know how Ameyo Customer Interaction platform curdled these challenges and made MTML an example of customer experience in the industry.
With a solution like Ameyo, there is no chance businesses can fail in delivering the best-in-industry customer service while optimising on costs and returns. Ameyo allows telecom businesses to pass on the cost savings to customers by providing them with better services and tariffs.