Ameyo Omnichannel CX Solution Gets a Face-lift


At Ameyo we constantly innovate and update our products and software to help our customers be one step ahead when it comes to providing a profound Customer Experience. We want the entire ecosystem of customers to feel happy and satisfied.  Adhering to that belief, we are proud to announce four product updates for our Omnichannel Contact Center Platform that guarantees to improve supervisor and agent productivity in no time.

Auto-Prioritize Agent Campaigns

At any given time, call center agents might be working on multiple campaigns. Typically campaigns can be divided into- Inbound campaign, outbound sales, telemarketing, blended campaigns etc. The nature and scope of these campaigns vary from industry to industry. The pitch and the terms of the campaign also changes with that.
The purpose of call center campaigns is to divide calling segments to bring operational efficiency and generate more opportunities in terms of both sales and service. Usually, a set of agents work on a particular campaign, although they may need to switch between campaigns.
For example, Team A can work on Campaigns A, B & C. Let’s suppose Team A is working on campaign A now. The supervisor now wants Team A to work on Campaign B. Thus , the team has to logout of campaign A and again log into Campaign B. This means :-

  • Its a manual process which hampers productivity..
  • Prone to errors while selecting the right campaign ( Especially for BPO’s where Agents are part of huge number of campaigns and attrition is high)

With the default working bench update Agents no longer have to login into different campaigns as the campaign priority is managed at the Supervisor end and  agents are automatically redirected to workbench on which he or she is expected to work. This is a great functionality and improves supervisor and agent productivity in the following ways-

  • Saves Time– The agent does not have to select the campaign manually. Once the agent logins, he or she is auto assigned the campaigns
  • Reduces Scope for Error– Agents work on prioritized campaigns automatically, prevents duplication.
  • Reduces Discrepancy– Supervisor can not only assign multiple campaigns to an agent, but also keep track of allocation

Merge Interactions for Existing Customers

This is, undeniably, the most powerful update which solves a very practical problem contact centers face on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes, a customer may use a different number to connect with the contact center. This number may not be the registered mobile number. However, this updated feature allows agents to search the identity of the customer and merge the additional information of the contact while on call.
The feature allows merging customer information on a single screen as demonstrated in the above screenshot. The key advantages of this feature can be identified as under:

  • Improve agent productivity– Agents can identify existing customer, even if the caller information does not match with the database without toggling between screens.
  • No Customer Information leak – Additional information can be quickly merged with existing contacts ensuring no information leak.


Better Supervisor Monitoring Capabilities

To improve supervisor monitoring capabilities, the following two columns have been added to the live monitoring feature-

  • Agent Status: This column will showcase the Agent Status (available or on break) and the time since when the status has unchanged
  • Agent Call Status: This column will reflect the Agent’s State in Call (inactive, ringing, connected, and hung-up) and the time since the Agent has been in this state

The live monitoring feature is not just limited to analyzing agent productivity, but will help supervisors utilize the insights from real time data to improve the overall performance of the contact center.

  • Allows near real-time monitoring by Supervisor – No more guess work. For instance, based on real-time data, supervisor can judge the quality of leads and take decision on pacing ratio
  • Perform work allocation– Based on both agent and call status, agents can be diverted to new campaigns
  • Check agent accountability –Real time tracking will also enable supervisors to get information related to agent accountability and on the job performance

The feature will promote overall productivity of the call center driven by proper metrics and not just assumptions.

Churning Customer Data is Now Easy

This feature will be particularly beneficial for collection department, telemarketing and lead generation scenarios. Churning refers to re-attempting calls that previously did not connect. Reattempting is a very integral component of calling.

However, instead of solely relying on the system, the supervisors can create and select filters to make the most out of the churning process.Putting a filter on not connected calls allows agents to create buckets which system interprets as new leads and re-attempts those contacts.

Ameyo 4.0 Latest Software Update – Conclusion

A robust contact center is one that offers a healthy mix of automation and manual customization, while delighting customers at the same time. The above Ameyo 4.0 updates clearly reflect that thought. These updates are built to address the pain points of agent and supervisor. Both entities are the driving force of a contact center. Empowering them with a powerful customer experience platform will most definitely affect the overall efficiency of your contact center.
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