Application Framework-Revolutionizing Contact Center Solutions


Contact center market keeps on upgrading on a regular basis to support businesses to stay relevant and competitive. Organizations need to invest in their technical infrastructure to ensure holistic view of customer journey by creating 360-degree view of the customers. In order to develop a dynamic, customized and user-friendly interface supporting a myriad of offerings ranging from “nice-to-have” to “must-haves“, is a challenging task. This leads to high infrastructure costs, loss of time and a lot of effort in customization and contacting the support teams every single time for making any up-gradation.

Why Your Contact Center Needs An Application Framework

A Contact center suite that can meet every business personas’ requirements needs multiple functionalities and vary with every use case. There is a need to create a library of code that solves the problem of doing hand-coding from the ground up. Using coding that can be shared across different modules of an application helps to lessen the general issues faced during the development of applications. It includes brainstorming and deep analysis to work out a feasible solution that cuts on redundancy and is reusable.

Creating a framework for various applications makes it easier to customize or personalize at a later stage with minimum possible efforts at the support team’s end. It can be extended by selective overriding or adding specialized user code to provide specific functionality. A framework helps in facilitating software developments as it serves extensible, low-defect code with the simplest robust design. It moves the focus to deal with the standard low-level details of providing a working system to more productive requirements that have long-term benefits.

How Application Framework Can Optimize Contact Center Solution

Application Framework helps in bringing abstraction, simplification, and uniformity in contact center software applications. A framework is one of the best methods to boost performance as they offer libraries of coding and extend capabilities. Framework helps in developing dynamic applications by offering multiple features like models, APIs, snippets of code. It is a software library that provides a fundamental structure to support the development of applications for a specific environment.

Now, let’s take a quick example to understand what are frameworks in layman’s terms and why are they needed.

If I ask you to cut a piece of paper with dimensions 4m by 4m, you can quickly do it for sure. But suppose I ask you to cut 2000 pieces of paper of the same dimensions. What would you do? Measuring 2000 times is obviously not what you would to do. Then what next? You might make a frame of 4m by 4m, and then with the help of that frame, cutting 2000 pieces of paper in much less time is possible.

So, what you did, in this case, was to make a framework that does a specific type of task. Instead of performing redundant activities for the same type of applications. Creating a framework having all those facilities together in one nice package is a quicker and optimized way to perform a given task. Hence a framework provides the abstraction for applications and acts as skeletal support.

Benefits of Application Framework

  • Reusable Code: Reusing bits of code already developed, saves effort to write the same specific sequence of script for each platform.
  • Easier Customization: It’s easy to start building when the foundation is laid. Acts as a tool to supply the structure and templates for constructing an application.
  • Reduces Development Cost: It saves redundant activities, resource time and the level of expertise required to learn new coding elements every time.
  • Ease of Deployment: Deploying and compiling apps is much faster in a cross-platform scenario.
  • Quality Improvement: Combined efforts to build something better and a customized version of what is in hand leads to the development of a quality product that has uniformity and standardization.
  • Better Code Maintenance: Provide a standard framework with underlying pre-defined code structure. By using object-oriented techniques while implementing the framework, pre-existing classes can be used to build the applications easily.

Transform Your Contact Center Solution With Ameyo

Taking care of these factors, Ameyo has built application frameworks providing some specific extendable call center functionalities to enable their partners and customers in letting them customize solutions and build various applications on Ameyo at their own end. All applications developed under Ameyo Application framework can be installed, enabled, displayed or managed with a single UI enabled application. This helps Customers and Partners to enrich Ameyo platform with advanced functionalities by building over these sample template application which demonstrates authentication and REST API invocation.Customers can further customize and build over the application as per their business requirements.

omnichannel-cta-image (1)

Let’s have a quick look at the application frameworks offered by Ameyo:

Prioritize Inbound Queue

Let the agents have a direct visibility of the customers waiting in the queue and prioritize the customer calls based on the various filters to select between the emergency queues.

Agent Portal

Agents can self-monitor their performance with total login time breaks by time period, actual “breaks-taken” vs “breaks-allowed” in one view and thus help them better manage their activities and time.

Contact Center Dashboard

Monitor different campaigns in one view with visual contact center metrics and easily find out the poor performing campaigns that need attention.

Browser Notification App

Supervisor or agents get chrome notifications for incoming call thus enabling a user to get an alert in time even if he is working off a page, resulting in lesser chances of missing an interaction.

Internal Collab App

Logged-in & available agents and supervisors can internally collaborate with one another over voice. Real-time collaboration enables faster intrastructure-communication and even faster query resolution.

Smart System View

Monitor multiple Agents under multiple campaigns easily with a single view. If needed Supervisor can also force log out an Agent.

With this initiative, we are committed to make our customers and partners’ journeys more exciting than ever. Keeping in sync with the best coding trends, we strive to achieve the best we can by supporting our customers to excel in their businesses.