How Autodialer is Beneficial for Call Centers?


It is a busy Monday morning when things are scattered all over the places after a hectic Sunday. You really do not know where to start tidying up from, and suddenly you receive a call, something which you would have least expected on a busy Monday morning; a cheery recorded voice starts notifying you about special promotions from XYZ telecom. You want to tell him where he can stick his special offer, but it’s less fun to threaten a machine. Nevertheless, you hang up the call and get back to your chaotic Monday morning while somewhere a computer dials the next number. “Hello, we’re calling with a special offer from XYZ Telecom!”

After the call is connected, a live operator greets the potential customer, notifying you on the special promotions. Automated dialing systems, such as this, are commonly used by telemarketing organizations

So what is an Autodialer Software?

Autodialer software program that can be used to automatically call thousands of numbers from a phone list or database. Dialer Software can usually be configured to leave messages for people on answering machines, receive touchtone or recorded responses, or simply dial the telephone numbers for an operator or agent. Some systems that perform a call transfer to an operator when a call is answered by a person is called a predictive dialer. Call centers and telemarketers are taking efforts to know when to use predictive dialers to maximize the potential.

Autodialers are widely used for customer support in call centers and telemarketing. They are an example of computer telephony integration (CTI). Using special software and a modem, a computer is programmed to automatically dial a long list of phone numbers. Depending on the software’s sophistication, the computer can figure out whether a live person answers the phone and subsequently hands over the call to a human operator. The computer can also be programmed to play a recorded message, leave a message on an answering machine, or provide a menu of options to the person who answers.

Autodialers definitely aren’t evil. It will not be unreal if we say that a few companies use autodialers to power disturbing telemarketing campaigns, but they have many other uses as well.

Common uses of Autodialers:

  1. A school could use an autodialer to inform parents and students to an unexpected closure.
  2. A doctor’s office could set up a system to remind senior citizens when to take their medication.
  3. A political candidate could dial out to thousands of residents to participate in his upcoming rally.

The major advantage of autodialer service is that everything is pre-recorded and because of this you don’t have to worry about misspeaking or worrying about what to say next. Instead of this, everything can be scripted so you don’t have to worry about any mistakes. Everything is optimized previously. Due to this, consistency is achieved.