How Helpdesk Ticketing System Benefits Customer Service


Are you delivering to customer’s expectations? Working in the customer service domain is challenging, customers are looking for perfection and if you lose in this game, someone else will win it. Customers want quick and proactive response to their queries. How would customers behave if in the run of delivering faster you start to compromise on quality? Another big loss. Customers now have the power to make or break your business. Helpdesk ticketing System will solve all your problems in one go.
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So, What is Help Desk Ticketing System?

Help Desk ticketing system or customer support desk enables the businesses to resolve customers query without any delay. Automating ticket management process helps the reps focus on critical issues faster and engage customers while building trust. With helpdesk ticketing system you can track, prioritize and solve customer support tickets on one screen and eliminate the redundant task.

Why Helpdesk Management System?

Providing customer support becomes easy with help desk software, each time a customer seeks support, a new ticket is created and agents are notified with customer’s details instantly. How would you rate your customer experience if your recharge failure is refunded in 15 minutes. Let us understand the process involved in generating this refund and why helpdesk system is the backbone for contact centers.

Omnichannel Ticketing

Do you consider each interaction coming from different channels? Customers like to raise their queries on the channels that they prefer and expect a quick response from your agents. Helpdesk ticketing system ensures that with omnichannel ticketing the tickets are automatically created and agents are in sync with the data.
Delivery of broken or damaged product requires attention, to avoid escalation, your agents can prioritize the ticket and assure the customer for replacement or refund. There you have an efficient agent and a happy customer.

Increase Agent Productivity

If your agents are informed prior to a call connects that the customer is not happy with your services, agent could be armed with the response that the customer wants to be addressed with. Let your agents deliver error free services with Unified Agent Desktop without having to toggle off between multiple tabs.
If a customer wants to place an order, an agent will be able to add insights and aware customer about exciting offers available on the basis of customer’s purchasing history. Delight your customers while delighting your agents with tools like unified agent desktop, LITE tickets, Sentiment Analysis.

Self Service

Customers are always in hurry to find answers to their queries and you do not want to disappoint them while keeping them on hold for minutes. Self service portal enables them to raise the tickets, check the ticket status and grab the information in Knowledge Base and let them find the answers at their own convenience. Enabling this portal will make agents’ life easier, now they can focus on the tickets that demands more attention and the resolution rate increases.
The customers will be satisfied if they were looking for best travelling packages and they are provided with 10 customizable options with an exciting offer online.

Eliminate Repetition, Automate Operations

Have you ever waited for your order to be delivered? Let your customers know that they are valued and prioritize the tickets automatically to avoid SLA breach. Helpdesk Automation is the right tool for your business to automate ticket creation. Guess, your agents won’t have to spend time in manually creating tickets, a ticket is created automatically every time a customer raises a query and hence more time to resolve the issues.
A customer’s claim for money is a critical issue and she/he would want to be notified in time, sending an email to customer about the process and another email to agent with customer’s details will solve this in just a click. Supervisor can set Time-Based and Event-Based rules to automate these operations.

Let The Numbers Talk

Real-time dashboards will give you real numbers that drive your business’s growth. Let the data guide your decisions because supervisors can schedule periodical reports to get insight of business in one go. Managing multiple campaigns in one go and monitoring the metrics that are important for your business specific needs becomes hassle free with Monitoring and Reporting tools.
The number of calls handled, SLA breach, escalations, agents break time and average handling time is visible on one screen and a quick analysis is possible with Ameyo’s Bird’s Eye View app.
Building trust and driving customer’s loyalty will make you the winner in customer servicing game. Take your goals one step ahead, provide personalized experience and quick support to stay on top of customer’s minds. With right helpdesk ticketing system, you can delight your customers and induce value at every touch point.