Choosing The Right Call Center Dialer For Your Business Is No More Hassle Now!


For every 18 calls, only 1 call is connected to a potential buyer. Picture this in a call center where all your agents’ productivity is at stake against the numbers dialed each day. Moreover, for a business that depends on customer interactions, each call is important and adds to its success rate!

How about automation with a call center dialer that is able to predict, analyze, and innovate your dialing process with its intelligence? Sounds interesting, right? Well, a call center dialer software is an absolute solution that helps you get improved connect rates and you cannot wish for more when your agents’ productivity increases from 120% to 300%!

Businesses use call center dialer solutions to be able to dial multiple numbers simultaneously.  The preset intelligent algorithms allow call center auto dialer systems to connect calls with available agents only when the customer’s leg gets connected. This saves your agents’ time and adds to their productivity.

Call center dialers not only limit the increase in call connect rates, but also brings tremendous intelligence and analytics to make call center managers’ life easy.

To make my point clearer here, I would like to highlight some sure-shot virtues of call center dialer systems that businesses actually witness.

  • Reduced Call Drops
  • Increased Agent’s Productivity
  • Maximized Call Connect Rate
  • DNC Management
  • Improved Conversion Rate
  • Adjustable Pacing Algorithm

Amazed? Not only these, but when you have the right With call center dialer software that reflects the features that suit your exact business requirements, you ensure a great customer as well as agent experience. Call center dialers help you strategize your outbound calling process with meaningful insights and business-specific analytics and reports.

Let’s see different types of call center auto dialer systems to help you choose the right one for your business.

Types of Call Center Dialer- Which One Suits Your Business?

Preview Dialer for HNI Customers

In preview dialing mode, agents are empowered with the flexibility to get customers’ information before a call is connected. This allows them to be pre-informed and prepared to resolve a customer’s query efficiently.

Customers like it when they are valued for their time and agents can deliver meaningful and contextual conversations when they know about customer’s expectations. This dialer also allows agents to select which contact to call with an option to skip contacts.

Predictive Dialer for Better Connect Rates

With its smart functionalities, a call center predictive dialer software dials the numbers using historical statistics and intelligence to calculate agent availability. Thus, based on past trends, the solution will know exactly how many dialing attempts and how much time is required to reach a live contact.

Answering Machine Detection (AMD) detects the busy tone, call waiting, call answered and the call is connected to an agent only when the call is answered by a live human. This reduces the agent’s idle time and increases their productivity.

Progressive Dialer for Productive Interactions

The progressive dialer only makes calls when the agents are available to handle the interactions, eliminating the possibility of abandoned calls. This dialer is ideal to be used to dial existing customers, for instance, renewal of a subscription or up-sell a product.

Progressive dialer does not make as many calls as predictive dialer but it ensures that customers are not dialed when the agent is not available.

Before you choose a call center dialer software, you need to know this!

Make a checklist for your business before investing your money and settling up for a contact center dialer. Since every business has a unique process, evaluating the right dialer could be difficult if you do not consider the following factors.

Call Center Process

Now that you know you need to automate your dialing process, you need to define your call center process before setting up a dialer.

Preview dialer is the right option for businesses with low call volume but high-quality leads, allowing agents to know the customer before the call gets connected. A pop-up display on the agent’s screen with the customer’s information before the call is initiated, making the agent pre-informed for the call.

If your business has a high call volume trend, queuing up the next call in the time the previous call is wrapped up increases the chances of better connect rates and improved conversion to land you a high range of customers.

Customers or Prospects

Of course, you do not want to lose on your potential customers with the wrong call center dialer systems. For a high-value prospect, it is important for agents to be prepared for customer’s requirements and cold calling would not solve the purpose here. A preview dialer that lets agents be prepared with a customized solution for each customer works wonders for such businesses.

For B2B businesses, each lead counts and a higher call abandoned ratio would take a toll on your business losing important customers. For such businesses, the first interaction with the customers has to be sophisticated to move the leads into the sales funnel. Progressive dialers eliminate the possibility of call abandonment and agents can focus on their pitch to qualify such leads.

Lead Data

What kind of calls are you making? Do agents need to know the customer’s history before a call is initiated?

If you are using a new list for cold leads, predictive dialer works the best because your agents would not need the prior history of the customers and predictive dialer, with its capabilities, connects with agents when the customer is there on the live call.

But in case, if you have a list of HNI customers, you’d like your agents to drive contextual conversation and a preview dialer is an answer for you. Agents will already know the customer’s history and can customize their service or pitch so that no lead goes wasted.


With a powerful call center dialer, your agents’ talk time increases from 15-20 minutes to 45-50 minutes in an hour, thus producing better customer engagement and improved ROI.

Now that you know which call center dialer system fits the best to your business-specific needs, you may also evaluate additional features like CRM integration, IVR capabilities for smooth scaling of your business.