Setting up a Customer Experience System for Designing Better Experiences

cx-design-system.jpg It goes by many names - The Holy Grail of Customer Success, The Next Big Thing, and The New Competitive Battleground. It's probably what differentiates you from your competition in the eyes of consumers. Your customers are expecting more - and it's up to your brand to fulfill their needs. And, most importantly - if you're an industry pro who's nailed the Not-so-Secret CX formula in the digital era - you're pretty much destined for success. ...

Re-Inventing Ticket Management System with AI


For a business or service provider, nothing is more painful than being slammed for slow and inactive customer support by their customers. And this is even more true in the era of social media. Any negative experience and a customer is more than ready to tag the company or service provider on social media channels complaining about the issue. Slow and delayed response not only leads to negative customer experience, it can also impacts sale and revenue of a business. After all, social media reviews have a profound influence on buying decisions of tech savvy customers.


Banking Experience: The Best Customer Experience Strategy for Banks to Improve CX

banking-experience-improve-cx-in-banking.jpg We all have interacted with a banking institution for one reason or another - whether it's for personal banking (opening a bank account), technical support, or ebanking services. Having to interact with customer service at a bank is generally not a pleasant experience. But why does the idea of engaging with a bank sound like such an ordeal? Read on. ...

Customer Experience Strategy: What is a CX Strategy and Why You Need One


Whether you realize it or not, your company is a part of the customer experience industry. You can be an emerging Amazon set to dominate the ecommerce industry, or you could be a drone startup offering assistance to the military - it really doesn't matter. Customer experience is a major facilitator of business, revenue and growth - and it can't be ignored any longer. What are you doing to improve customer experience? Are you building a customer experience strategy?