Why Adoption of Cloud Contact Center Is Increasing?


A shift from on-premise to cloud solution has become the talk of the town. Why enterprises are keenly adopting cloud solution and reconsidering the decision of on-premise setup?
By 2020, it is expected that 83% of enterprises will opt for cloud solutions, says Forbes Report.
For the largest part of history, on-premise was the default choice for businesses but it changed with the rising cloud deployment model for easy upgrades. Cloud solution addresses the challenges like working in multiple geographies without hardware installation, allowing businesses to up and running in no time.
Cloud-based contact center solution is equipped with all the features that an on-premise solution has with an added benefit of being hosted over the internet. The internet ready solution drives big players in the market like Uber, making it easy for agents to connect with drivers and update disposition without delaying the process.

How Adoption of Cloud Helps Agents?

  1. Working Across Geographies: Cloud allows agents to work from remote locations and removes the barrier of working in different geographies. With a cloud-first technology, it becomes easy to provide 24 hours service to the clients.
  2. Automate Calling Operations: Agents, after a number of retries, connects with the right client when they manually dial the numbers with the hard phone. With an auto-dialer in place, the call connects rate increases, thus allowing agents to remove human error and reach to more customers in a given time.
  3. Visibility into Customer’s Needs: A great customer experience is not built overnight. Agents with the right tools like unified agent desktop provide them an insight into customer’s journey through different channels. When an Uber agent finds the feedback from the customer on Facebook, reporting about the unprofessional behavior of the driver, the agent can easily find the customer information in their desktop and can take actions needed.


How Adoption of Cloud Helps Businesses?

With the emerging needs of customers, businesses look for robust technologies to deliver a personalized experience to customers while providing a tailor-made solution to customer’s queries.
A cloud contact center solution helps businesses cater to customers’ evolving expectations relentlessly.

Change from CAPEX to OPEX

Say goodbye to hardware installation and budgeting a capital expenditure for infrastructure setup because you can now run your business with cloud contact center software. Pay for what you use and deploy cloud model at a much faster pace. In addition to cost benefits, reduce operational overheads and operate your business with ease while inducing better ROI for your business.

Scale as you Grow

Adopting a cloud-based technology helps businesses grow elastically. Cloud technology permits the flexibility of scaling up or down to stay ahead of delivering smooth customer experience. Expansion of business operations is just at the tip of fingers as hardware sizing is managed by the cloud service provider.

Channelize Cyber Security

With moving the data to the cloud, it becomes more important to keep in check the security of this data. Customers share their information with the faith in the brand and expect the businesses to adhere to security benefits. Secure your data with Virtual Private Network (VPN) and leave no chance for the data breach.

Ensure Business Continuity

Cloud-based solution provides high levels of business continuity as redundancy/backup is often available as a default offering by the cloud service provider. There will be no hardware failure leading to downtime, thus, no break in the customer service when an unforeseen disaster occurs.
According to a Forbes report, more technology-dependent industries including manufacturing, high-tech, and telecom are being led by executive management to become 100% cloud.
If you are planning to adopt cloud-first technology and setup your own contact center, irrespective of the business size and looking to know about the why and how of cloud suite, do check out Ameyo’s Cloud Contact Center Solution to ease your decision making.