Embracing Digitisation to Boost Customer Experience : The Middle East Story


Digitisation is leading the way business is done in today’s hyper-connected world. Economies across the world are taking leaps to ensure they ride the digitisation wave to grab all the growth opportunities. Middle East region, particularly United Arab Emirates (UAE) have not only identified the immense potential of digital transformation but also taken the initiatives in the right direction ahead of others.
Businesses across the major consumer facing industries like Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, E Commerce, etc. are embracing latest technologies to make sure their customers receive the best digital customer experience. As per the latest research by Al Masah Capital covering the digitisation of core banking and financial services, the UAE is leading the pack for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s digital ecosystem with 16.4% penetration, Bahrain is next in line with 13.6% and Saudi Arabia with 11.5%. It is evident that the MENA region is gaining precedence in banking and other financial institutions, specifically the UAE and Saudi Arabia are emerging as two prominent markets in the digital space.
Recently concluded Middle East Call Center (MECC) Conference in Dubai witnessed the region’s leading businesses and contact center experts deliberate about the need of enabling a flawless omnichannel customer experience. They highlighted how the latest contact center technologies can be utilised to equip the call center agents with complete profiles about each customer that can be used to provide context based services.
The key takeaways from the MECC conference are listed below to give you a glimpse of how digitisation is shaping the customer experience landscape in the Middle East region:

Developing Digital Capabilities to Achieve Omnichannel CX

Tech-savvy individual customers are the major force behind driving digital transformation in customer service industry. Today, customers are using multiple channels to interact with brands and to reach out for assistance when needed; hence, leaving no option for businesses but to provide them with a 360 degree omnichannel customer experience.
Customer support services are no longer limited to voice calls,the communication medium has expanded and now covers email, web chat, mobile app, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Customers can reach out for assistance via any media and expect the flexibility to switch the medium at any point across the customer journey. Thus, true omnichannel CX implies allowing customers, data, as well as agents, to switch between those channels seamlessly.
With High mobile penetration in Middle East region, businesses are focussing on tapping the potential of quick and flexible customer support and self-service options. An all-in-one omnichannel customer experience software solution is an answer to organization’s goal of achieving service competitive advantage.

Cloud Enabled Digital Customer Experience

Middle East, specifically UAE is pioneering in establishing itself as tech-savvy country enabling businesses to operate with operational ease. Cloud contact centers is one of such technological advancements. It is a win-win situation for businesses as well as end customers. Alongwith effective cost and efficiency cloud contact centers offer businesses operational eas in terms of supporting omnichannel support to customers and easy integrations with various other contact center tools like CRM, helpdesk platform. Unlike the premise based model which works on the obsolete siloed structured, cloud contact centers offer consistency of omnichannel customer experience. When the operational hindrances are reduced, agents can focus more on delivering awe-inspiring customer experience, and consequently increasing the agent productivity.
With major investments in technological infrastructure across the Middle East region, cloud contact centers offer an all-round solution to the organizations for delivering rich customer experience.

Transforming Contact Center Into Customer Engagement Center

Millennial customers want instant service and thus prefer self-service option over talking to an agent, and if there is a need to talk to an agent only context driven personalized interactions is what they demand. Organizations have to take this into consideration and should aim to transform their contact centers into customer engagement centers by implementing latest technologies like AI based chatbots and sentiment analysis to ensure better customer experience. Chatbots offer an instant and hassle free assistance to customers and free the agents from repetitive monotonous tasks to focus on more important issues. Sentiment analysis on the other hand empower the agents to deliver hyper-personalized customer experience by evaluating the customers sentiments through analyzing aggravated messages.
Millenials are the major consumer segment in the Middle East region and as the millenial population grow older their purchasing power will increase, therefore organizations need to ensure flexible support across their buyer journey across all the channels they use.
Key learnings from the MECC conference this year reinforced the belief in the growing tech-enabled business potential of Middle East region led from the front by the UAE. The road ahead for 2018 looks bright for customer experience domain with some interesting developments around Artificial intelligence and cloud contact centers. Ameyo is excited to witness and experience the upcoming opportunities and challenges digitisation will offer to shape up the consumer experience landscape. Explore more about the Enterprise-Grade Call Center Solution Provider in UAE.