High Call Traffic? Use a Robust Call Handling Solution

A smart solution will ensure your agents handle all calls without being overworked, as the solution automatically helps resolve issues as well.

Contact centers experience high call volumes which sometimes are more than the agents capacity. Unfortunately, unanswered calls are detrimental to the business as it may result in the loss of a potential customer. Contact centers therefore, have to ensure that all calls are answered. But how can they achieve a balance between unrestricted number of calls and restricted number of agents? Should they hire more agents? How will this additional cost affect the business?

Contact Center Call Statistics

During a day, there are peak times and low times in contact centers. Mornings and evenings tend to be among the busiest times for contact centers. Afternoons see a lull and the number of calls decrease significantly. Peak times differ from business to business and the regions which the contact centers service as the time zones are different in US, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, and Asia-Pacific.

Generally, people take a break in the afternoon for a walk or to relax. Most of them like to resolve their personal issues either early in the day or in the evening, after completing urgent tasks. Each contact center needs to identify their peak times of the day, keeping in mind their customers. Trends can be determined quickly and holiday periods undoubtedly bring more traffic. Keeping them in mind, contact centers have to tweak their strategies.

How to Maximize Efficiency in Contact Centers

The first thing a contact center needs to ensure full-time operation is a robust software solution running all background and customer-facing tasks simultaneously. Having one solution makes the whole operation seamless and easy to control. Centralized control of the contact center enables the management to make quick decisions based on real-time monitoring feedback. This makes the business more flexible and accommodative of change which helps improve customer service and revenue.

A robust contact center solution with ACD will ensure that all calls are routed to available agents. Contact centers can customize the solution in such a way that even if an agent is not available to take the call, the solution gives an automatic response to the customer to call at a later time, to schedule a callback, or to wait for a stipulated amount of time. Queuing, IVR, Predictive Dialer, and CTI are other tools which helps the agent service customers better.

The queuing feature notifies the customer of waiting time, so as not to waste the customers precious time. IVR helps separate incoming queries/issues and assigns agents to difficult solutions while easy issues can be self-resolved, or be registered. CTI gives the agent access to important information on their desktops and they can resolve issues through quick searches, simple clicks, and multichannel communication. Predictive Dialer utilizes agent time by automatically dialing out numbers based on intelligent algorithms, bypassing answering machines, unresponsive numbers, and failed calls.

Thus, the perfect solution will allow contact centers to prosper by full-time functionality. It will make the agents lives easier and help them service customers in a much better manner.

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