How BPOs are Improving Customer Journey in the Philippines?


The outsourcing industry is picking heights and more so in the Philippines where the companies are dedicating their most valuable assets to optimize the customer journey. From cost optimization to maximizing the productivity of any business, BPOs in the Philippines has become the call center hub for Southeast Asian companies.

Moving from a world of cold calling to a customer-centric world, BPOs have started to show significant growth for businesses as it promises a customer engagement suite enabling businesses to cater to customers needs 24*7.

Why the Philippines has become a Business Destination for the World?

Language Proficiency: Filipinos, with a rising English-speaking culture, are the go-to for customers across the world. Not only do they have western-accented English, but they also have problem-solving capabilities that set them apart from their similarly skilled workforce.

Cost-Effective: The Philippines is known for its substantially lower cost of living as compared to other countries and undeniably gives business benefit to organizations outsourcing their operations to the Philippines. Not only labor costs, but the infrastructure cost is also cheaper opening up gates for the world at minimum expenditure.

Government Support: The Philippines government has enabled the outsourcing industry for its extensive growth. The BPO industry in the Philipppines has become the major revenue driver for the country which is why the government has planned to encourage investment through fiscal and non-fiscal incentives, allowing businesses to outsource their operations to the Philippines generating more revenue.

Data Privacy: BPOs have the ever-growing problem of the data breach and is one of the most vulnerable risk sectors for cybersecurity threats. Under Philippine Data Security Act, the government has put stringent international quality data privacy standards, ensuring sensitive data handled with security compliance to protect their data.

What are the challenges for the BPO Industry?

Poor Call Connect Rate: Due to high call abandonment and poor connectivity in a call center software, the number of calls handled in a day reduces, resulting in low agent productivity against high call volume. It directly impacts the business ROI because the cost per call is really high.

Limited Monitoring: A supervisor, while manually analyzing the productivity of a queue or a campaign has to compromise on productivity. Managing call quality for 10 agents in an hour becomes a tedious task and the supervisors fail to manage the call volume in the peak hours due to lack of automation.

Broken Customer Journey: Due to the widespread of multiple channels, customers’ expectations have drastically changed over the years. Businesses may lose their valuable customers due to the lack of omnichannel support and optimization of customer journeys.

Complex Agents’ User Interface: Turn-around-time is a value proposition for any business to retain its existing customers. When agents put customers on hold while searching for the relevant information, the customers lose interest in your business and you lose your customer to your competitors.


How Ameyo helps businesses achieve CX?

Dashboards for Statistical Information: The supervisors get superpowers with the comprehensive reports. How? Supervisors could easily analyze the peak hours and strategize resource allocation to increase the productivity of different campaigns.

What if the supervisors could keep a check on agents’ real-time activities? With the call functionalities like Snoop, Barge, Conference, and Transfer, supervisors can monitor each call closely and assist the agents to resolve customer queries with ease.

Omnichannel Support: It’s important for businesses to be present where the customers are. Let your agents get a complete view of the customer’s journey across multiple channels in one interface. With Ameyo’s contact center solution, supervisors can get channel-specific reports to analyze the effectiveness of each channel individually.

Call Routing Algorithm: Businesses work extensively to improve customer satisfaction. Smart call routing logic can do wonder for them if they route each customer to the best-suited agent. Make it easy for customers to find answers to their queries by routing them to IVR selection, business hours configuration, interaction history, preferred agent, and customer persona.

Having qualified conversations while personalizing each interaction improves customer satisfaction. Provide immediate response to customers without keeping them on hold and let them feel valued when agents deliver to their expectations.

Resolve query with CRM Integration: Do you ever hear “how many times do I have to repeat myself” from your customers. Yes, that’s where you lost a valuable customer. Integrating your call center software with CRM application allows your agents to get the preview of customer’s calling history and the agents can deliver a more personalized answer to the customers.

Your customer might call in to know the status of their previous ticket. Once the customer is routed to the right agent, the caller’s information displays on the agents’ dashboard allowing them to deliver personalized service. Agents will not have to waste their time in switching between multiple tabs. This significantly reduces Average Handling Time for each interaction.

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