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How Computer Telephony Integration can benefit your Call Center


Sure you want to upgrade your call center to better suit the rapid pace of modernization but you haven’t yet considered Computer telephony integration (CTI). It can be safely assumed that you have undermined a key aspect of the modern call center.

CTI is a terminology used for any technology that allows interactions on a telephone and a computer to be integrated or coordinated. In simple terms, this technology enables computer systems/applications to interact with telephone systems, including e-mail, chat, text messaging, fax, and so on. A call center software that has implemented CTI functionality has a competitive edge, mainly because they can take an effective data-based approach to customer interactions.
The following pointers will elucidate the benefits of Computer Telephony Integration technology:-
1. Save Time with Call Functions on Computer
CTI call center software eliminates the need for a phone. Thereby, call center agents will be able to make and receive calls from their computers. Most of the call control functionalities, like call answer, hang-up, call hold, call transfer, and call mute will be displayed on the computer screen. This also eliminates the need for call center agents to shuffle between their desk phone, and the call center software, while on a call. It helps to save time and make the process more efficient.
2. Detailed Information about Callers
With Computer Telephony Integration, caller details like name, image, e-mail, phone number, company, as well as all information regarding previous interactions and purchases, will be available to the agents through an automated screen pop-up, even before answering the call. This will help them to open the call professionally with a personalized touch, along with all the necessary information regarding the caller. The whole process reduces the call handling time significantly since the agents will not have to go through multiple applications to fetch the caller information.
3. Minimize Customer Irritation with Automatic Caller Authentication
This technology helps to authenticate customers/callers automatically by comparing the number they called from and compare it to the information stored in the company database. This helps in saving valuable time as your agents will not have to ask the caller to provide necessary information and pull up the records. Furthermore, this eliminates the need for the caller to provide their personal information every time they call in, which leads to minimizing customer frustration.
4. Effective Call Handling with Unified Data-Integrated Dashboard
With the help of this technology, the integration of call logs (call transcripts, call recordings, call history, and other call metrics) and caller information (personal information, event tickets, e-mails, chat transcripts, billing, and order fulfillment statuses,) into one unified dashboard, becomes a really trouble-free task. This helps call center agents to handle calls more efficiently.
5. Efficient Call Routing
Computer Telephony Integration enables IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to be entirely configured in the browser. This makes it effortless to customize IVR settings in accordance to your business needs. Hence, incoming calls can be routed to the most qualified agent to meet the needs of the particular caller. The needs will be based on the following criteria.

  • Caller’s IVR selections
  • Caller demographics
  • Previous caller interactions
  • Agent’s expertise and skills
  • Agent’s language
  • Availability of agents
  • Day and time zone
  • Company parameters

6. Improved Collaboration for Efficient Service
A CTI integrated call center software aids in voice and video call conferencing, call barging, warm call transfer. It also helps to facilitate collaboration within the call center. Agents with access to these applications are more likely to seek help when required. A manager or a colleague can be added to the call to handle issues, rather than transfer the call to them. This helps to improve inter-departmental collaboration. Real-time data updates help the manager or the next agent to have relevant information ready before taking any escalated call.
7. Effective Agent Monitoring
Computer Telephony Integration allows for call recording, call monitoring, and real-time reporting. This enables managers and supervisors to get a good understanding about the performance of their team members, and thereafter, make decisions based on the data collected. Moreover, it helps to improve the performance of the team by focusing on individual performances. As a result, it will foster better customer service.
It is important for businesses to gain, and maintain a competitive advantage in the call center industry and CTI technology will surely go a long way to ensure that.


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