Importance of Auto Dialer for Local Presence


According to a study published in 2013 in, auto dialers have the potential to increase sales by 50% and improve revenues by almost 100%! In addition, predictive dialers could increase your agent’s performance anywhere between 150% and 400%. But does this actually work in reality?

Improving Efficiency via Predictive Dialing

We all agree that these Automated Predictive Dialer have an effective reach. However, the only way you can see a quantitative and qualitative increase in your reps performance – When they are able to reach the appropriate target audience.

Even if you manage to find the right customer base, you would need to seek answers to questions like – Is your call agent’s time optimally utilized? Is your predictive dialer system effective for a global network?

Look at the success of the system in connecting calls. For instance, if only one in five calls gets answered; the autodialer might need to make five calls every time an agent is available. This waiting period would lead to “idle time.” On the other hand, if one in three calls is answered, it would reduce the idle time for the agent, leading to better utilization of resources.

So, how do you increase the probability that your call is picked? The best way to do so is by using Local Presence Dialing. This is especially important when you run an international business, reaching out to a global network of potential customers.

Surety in Success

Clubbed with an auto dialer system, local presence dialing can increase the productivity of the agent, as a result maximizing campaign performance. An independent study was conducted by Technology Researcher Software Advice in 2014, among 2,310 individuals in the US. According to the data assimilated, people are four times more likely to pick a call from a local number. Also, while only 7% claimed to answer a toll-free unknown number; 27.5% gave a positive response for an unknown local area code.


Source: Survey: Local Presence Dialing—Foot in the Door, or Door-Slammer? June 2014

Local presence dialing aims at getting more positive call responses. Today, businesses are beginning to understand the value of using this system. In reference to the above study, nearly 70% businesses agree that the practice gives them a stronger chance with customers. This means that most of your competitors are already making use of such dialers. Can you afford to be left behind?

What about Caller ID and Caller Disparity?

When a customer takes a call and realizes that the caller is not local, he or she might realize that local presence was used. An area of concern for many businesses is that the ID and caller disparity might affect the progress of the business relationship. What the above study shows in this regard is that over half the people either ask about the discrepancy or choose not care about it.


Source: Software Advice|Survey-Local Presence Dialing, June 2014

It is, therefore, safe to assume that once the call is picked, the customer might hear out the seller or agent. So, there is a low possibly that it would affect the relationship. This also means that the call agent is able to have more conversations per day, which in turn should have a positive impact on sales as well as ROI.

Doing More for your Business

An auto dialer system upgraded with local presence acts as a sales acceleration tool. It equips agents and sales reps with a competitive advantage. Inferring from the above study, if your competitors use local presence dialing, they are likely to have 400% more potential customer reach than businesses that do not use such call center dialers. The bottom line then is that you need to get your foot in the customer’s door before your competition does in order to improve sales figures and increase brand recognition.