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Quick Tips: How Not to Annoy your Customers with a Predictive Dialer


We all know that predictive dialing can enhance an agent’s productivity by 150% to 400%. But there is a hesitation in certain pockets of the industry to use this technology because a predictive dialer brings in high call drops, meaning the customers pick up the call but the system does not have any free agent to connect the call. This results in call drop which makes the customer furious …….!!!  You would not want to call the customer the same day as you might hear “DO NOT CALL ME” or “TAKE ME OUT OF YOUR LIST”.  Effectively this means you lost a sale just because your technology which should have helped you make the sale did the opposite by annoying your customer.  

Here are three tips which you should look for in the Predictive dialer technology you have:

1. Rollover IVR: Check with your vendor if your dialer can connect the calls to an IVR instead of dropping them. Play a message in the IVR which creates interest before your agents get to talk to them. This eliminates the lag time for customers due to absenteeism of the agent.

2. Auto Retry Later: It’s not a good idea to call the same customer again in a short period of time, it is advisable to have a setting in your system which has a provision for you to set a rule which retries all dropped calls after XX time or day and exclude dropped calls from being churned.

3. Call Drop Ratio: A maximum percentage of dropped calls within an 8 -hour period. This should be a user defined ratio which the system tries not to exceed. This can be achieved if the system can reduce the number of calls being dialed when it senses that there are call drops.
Do you have more tips on Predictive Dialer technology that organizations should keep a sharp eye on to avoid infuriating customers?


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