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The Top 10 Rules to Cultivate a Great Startup Idea [Infographic]

Startup rules and laws

“An idea is resilient and highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain, it’s almost impossible to eradicate.”

This dialogue from the Leonardo Di Caprio played character – Dominick Cobb in Inception, seems overwhelming and compelling, every time I lend my ear to it. This cinematic masterpiece reasserted the relevance of an idea and the immense transformation it can usher.

Fast forward the 2010 dialogue in the contemporary startup setting, and I am sure almost all entrepreneurs will agree with the fact that a great, yet simple idea forms the cornerstone of any startup, irrespective of its execution.

Now, a startup has to have a deeply set great idea at its genesis, but to implement it with proper nurturing, creativity, and determination – is another game altogether.

Which is why, we have this Infographic for you, from Founder Institute to break down the top tips to fuel any great startup idea.

Take a detailed look…

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