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Tips for a Stronger Customer Engagement in the Digital Age


Make a customer, not a sale,” said Katherine Barchetti. Barchetti’s featured customer satisfaction quote makes sense in the overall perception of having a successful business. Companies that apply customer-centric approaches yield higher sales(63%). In order to have satisfied customers, engaging with them will get you a long way. But, what are the most effective customer engagement methods that guarantee real results? How do we maximize digital means to get more clients?

Here are some of the tried and tested customer engagement strategies that you can apply to your business:

1. Customer insight & brand identity

Don’t assume you know your market and your customers – make a comprehensive study about them. Search online and put together an online poll. Understand each  possible client, their likes and dislikes, and how they will react to your product and brand. Check which of your product’s features should be highlighted and beneficial to your customers. Brand identity will be the next step. Make a brand that speaks for itself – authentic, clear, consistent, and relevant. Timeliness is important, especially in this digital age where everything changes in an instant. What’s viral today may not be that interesting tomorrow, so be open to change.

2. Personalized connection

It has been noted that the act of personalizing an approach to customers yields great results in business. A study featured by Exact Target  finds 84% of marketers say their personalization methods impact customer loyalty and  retention. The same effect can be replicated when you personalize your connection to your clients. How? Send emails and text messages that refer to customers by their own names. Review your market personification and see what they like and dislike about your brand. Avoid sounding robotic when you respond to queries. Your customer service and marketing team must be able to create a seamless one-on-one connection for each customer to create a memorable experience at all times. Take note that customers appreciate genuine interaction.

3. Social media & online connection

Many are hooked to their social media pages, so why shouldn’t your business? You must have a strong online presence, including social media connection to strengthen your customer engagement strategies. Get as many people to follow you by featuring your social buttons on your website (if applicable), or your physical ads at various stores. Create topics that relate strongly to your product, brand, and your  customers and get people talking. The stronger your social media presence, the stronger your brand recognition will be. But, be smart in posting on social media too. You do not want to be included in the list of businesses who made memorable blunders online.

4. Quick response

No one wants to deal with a business that takes ages to reply to a simple inquiry – that’s a fact. An effective way to keep your customers engaged with your company and brand is by responding to their question (and especially their problems) as quickly as possible. For startups, your smartphone alone can help to connect with your customers by loading it with social media apps, so you can always answer any important inquiries online. A smartphone like the new iPhone 6s Plus comes with features like the quick reply notification center so you get all responses in real-time and can answer them promptly. Additionally, O2 noted that the iOS 9 comes with productivity apps and split view functions which can help you multi-task. The same features are also featured on many premium Android devices and apps. Quickly responding to queries presents your ability to care, so spend more time with it assisting your customers.
Customer engagement is vital in the overall success of a business. It guarantees customer loyalty and retention, which equates to sales for your company. Following said tips will yield positive results regarding your employees, brand, and overall business.
About The Author
Winter Annalise is a blogger from Berkshire. She previously worked as a manager in one of the famous fast food chains. What she had learned in terms of business, marketing, and brand awareness are now being shared in her blog posts. Message Winter at winterannalise@yahoo.com


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