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How to Create Wow Customer Experience with an Effective Quality Monitoring Solution

Customer service is the backbone of every organization. It helps businesses to improve their brand and consumer relations. It does not matter how much interaction an organization has with its customer base, customer experience determines the level of success it has. Since revenue is often tied to quality and customer service, it is in the best interest of businesses to incorporate quality monitoring solutions to improve their customer service.

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5 Ways to Enhance First Call Resolution

All contact center reps and managers understand the importance of metrics and TLAs (three letter acronyms). Among them, ‘FCR or first call resolution’ is what matters the most, as it is one such term which can be a true measure of efficiency, performance and customer satisfaction quota, all at once.

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5 Benefits of Using Call Disposition Codes in Contact Centers

Contact centers always take care to equip their employees with adequate software and related tools in order to help them excel at their job. However, when it is time to look for a new software solution for contact centers, many do not consider call disposition codes as part of the list of high-priority software features. This can turn out to be an expensive oversight and can easily impact the productivity, efficiency, and customer service quality of the contact center.

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3 Ways IoT Supplements Better Customer Experience

Kevin Ashton once remarked -“The internet of things has the potential to change the world, just as the internet did. Maybe even more so.” This quote talk volumes about the benefits Internet of Things (IoT) can bring to this world in this digital age.

Interconnected devices with millions of end points have created a space where customers, clients, and business partners can interact more efficiently. The convergence of these interconnected devices, wireless technologies, and micro-systems, has led to the emergence of Internet of Things.

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Clutched with Spikes in Call Volume: Manage it Now

I absolutely understand your problem Mr. X/ Ms. Y and I can certainly help you.
What I will do for you right away is raise a ticket, provide you with the reference number and try my best to get your problem resolved by the evening.
Rest assured Mr. X/Ms. Y, we are there for you and everything is now under control.

How amazing do you feel when you hear such beautiful combination of words from a call center agent? Without bashing or shouting on any call center agent you are able to get your problem resolved or at least able to get it processed for getting it fixed.

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How to Calculate Cost per Call in a Contact Center

Contact centers act as an effective route to add value to your business. But running a call center involves various overheads. The most obvious expense of making a call center run is employee wages. But there are also other associated costs involved that must be considered, such as the expense involved in making calls to customers. 

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Why Do We Definitely Need Contact Centers [Infographic]

More than anything else, waiting kills. This is one of the biggest reasons why your customers don’t like calling in contact centers. Those lengthy waiting times, mazes of menus, lack of contact center agent’s proactivity and complex feedback systems.
But still telephony in contact centers continue to remain the most preferred and reliable option to seek customer support. The comfort of the fact that there’s another human being trying to help you out with a query or is offering advice to resolve some issue, is often what customers exactly seek.

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5 Key Advantages of Universal Queue in Call Center

Omniqueue or universal queue is an ever widening concept in the contact center space. With the increase in customers expectations organizations have increased the channels of interaction but at times it becomes difficult for agents to switch between different interfaces for handling multiple channels.

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Your Guide for Unlocking the Right Answers to Customer Experience

Another glorious week has passed and I sincerely hope that your knowledge about customer services and customer experience has gained momentum. If you have had the chance to take this quiz, you would have dwelled a bit deeper in this tricky world of customer services and how to enhance your customer’s experience.

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