Reporting and Dashboards

Make Interaction Channels Efficient with Omnichannel Reporting

Leverage the power of Omnichannel report with detailed reports and customized dashboards to measure what matters most

Channel Specific Reports

Get channel-wise reports of all the communication platforms that your customers use to connect with you. Based on that data, identify the channels most preferred by your customers and which ones could use some change in strategy. Once you have gained a complete understanding of the effectiveness of each channel, you can leverage the ones that your customers love the most and ensure a high return on investment along with delighted customers.



Monitor Agent Effectiveness

Managers can keep an eye on the agents by monitoring their status, active interactions, the total count of conversations handled, conversations closed, interactions handled, login/available hours and auto mode statuses. The supervisor can also see details of active calls and chats of an agent and can take actions such as Snoop, Whisper, Barge and End the call when deemed fit.

Live Monitoring of Operations

Dashboards to show real-time data of the source of the conversation i.e. whether the interaction originated via email, voice, social media or chat. Similarly, the managers get a live feed of the  With all the data about interactions and agent, the supervisor is in a much better position to make informed decisions.


Handbook to Effectively Use WhatsApp for Customer Service

Start Your Own Call Center


Omnichannel Conversations

Effortlessly converse with your customers on the channel of their preference.


Manage Customer Journey

Track the journey of the customers across touchpoints regardless of channel of communication.



Empower your Team to Drive Continuous Conversations and Streamline Interactions with Omnichannel Automation for Faster Service Delivery

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