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Turning Customer Service into Customer Collaboration


It is tough for businesses to survive in today’s market, especially with the kind of competition that is prevailing. Each one fights to prove that they are better than the rest – a rat race. Customer service is one thing most top businesses concentrate upon. They adopt the customer Service Software to communicate with customers and they find out different techniques to achieve success in customer experience management. They try and build long-term relationships with their customers. Everyone is into customer relationship management these days. However, the question is, is this enough to stay at the top?

You will never find a method or technique that will help you stay at the top always. There will definitely be ups and downs. The technologies keep changing and so do the preferences of customers. You will have to do a lot of research in order to always give them what they want. It is tough even to find out what they want. Nevertheless, you can actually find a simple solution to this problem, which is customer collaboration. Don’t just help them, collaborate with them.

Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are the way to communicate with customers today. Many businesses create Facebook pages to get feedbacks from customers. However, this may not be really helpful if you do not use that feedback to improve your products or service. Therefore, there is a need to join hands with the customers and use their ideas to improve your business. This way, you get to know what they want and deliver accordingly. You will not only be providing excellent customer service but you are working together with customers to satisfy their requirements. This can be the key to success for any business across the world.

Effective customer collaboration happens when you combine the contact center technology with other mediums such as social media sites, video feedbacks, network based recordings and analytics and also web-based collaborations, in order to provide multiple platforms to the customers to voice their opinions and interact directly with businesses. This can only happen if you have good methods of customer relationship management.

Apart from concentrating on customer experience management, today’s businesses also need to concentrate on customer collaboration. This will help in improving your customer service by sharing important information with your customers over the internet. You can share information related to your products, your services, your vision, your success and anything that will help them identify your brand in a much better way. By doing so, you are helping the customers to gain confidence in your company.

Benefits of Customer Collaboration

Customer collaboration offers benefits to all businesses, irrespective of their sizes. A few such benefits are:

Increased Efficiency:

Being in touch with your customers 24/7 and attending to their every need and query will only make you more efficient as a business. Also, customer collaboration will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses in a better manner.

Cost Reduction:

By giving full information on your company through social media and other collaboration tools, you are reducing the need of marketing and advertising. This will help in reducing a major portion of your business overheads.

Better Customer Experience:

Customer collaboration allows your customers to have a rich online experience and improves their loyalty. Their knowledge about your business increases, which can even cut your need for making efforts to provide good customer service.

Increased sales:

Customer collaboration helps you understand the needs of your customers in a better manner, which means you can cater to their demands in a better way. This itself can increase the demand for your products and boost your sales.

Today’s technology has provided you every tool that you may want in order to collaborate with your customers. It is now up to you to use those tools to your maximum advantage.



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