Not Sure What’s Missing in Your Contact Center? Video Could be the Answer

Video Contact Center

Contact centers act as a spine of good customer experiences. A modern contact center is a primary location that shapes both inbound and outbound communications with customers using various customer engagement channels and strategies; however, its success totally relies on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Any missing part in the contact centers eventually disturbs the overall customer experience. Video contact center offers a rich feeling of presence to the customers and highly collaborative communication due to its real-time nature.

Over the years, the power of AI and digital transformation has contributed to cultivating several new trends. They have enabled contact centers to lead incredible innovations and tremendous achievements, allowing them to do things with user data that people only manifested about years ago. As a result, customer expectations are evolving and becoming more demanding in customer services; they want to have a human touch in all the interactions and touchpoints.

90% of businesses are likely to spend more on video conferencing in 2022 to improve the customer experience.
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Building an unbeatable customer experience requires you to follow hundreds of suitable steps, while ruining it needs just one mistake. As a result, contact centers now focus on customer satisfaction, improved experience, and refined service while enhancing organization sales. There is no denying that consistent, incredible, and satisfactory consumer experience has a significant positive impact on the business results. Consequently, enhancing the customer service experience has become a top priority for businesses.

In today’s technological world, customers consistently look for a convenient way to communicate with businesses. While traditional methods like email, phone calls, and webchat continue to dominate the contact centers, there is a steep rise in customers’ expectations. Now they want a human touch in all communication touchpoints with a personalized experience.

Thus, what ensures exceptional customer service and customer experience with the continuously changing dynamics and environment? The list is long, but first, you will need a skilled team of contact center agents. Secondly, the contact center should utilize the latest technologies supporting systems integration, meet customers’ expectations, and provide a new age and modern personalized solutions along with human touch. Gone are the days when customers wanted a good experience by paying less. Nowadays, customers are willing to pay more for a great and enhanced customer experience.

To meet the new age expectations of customers, providing a human touch and personalized customer experience, Contact centers handling only voice channels have evolved, and introduced Video-enabled call solutions.

Video-enabled contact center solutions have seen an exponential rise after the post-COVID 19 pandemic. Enabling a video-enabled call center can bridge the gap between an organization and its customers by providing a personalized customer experience. It allows contact centers agents to connect with clients face to face and resolve issues quickly.

Looking ahead, this article will talk about the key piece that contact centers should not miss, video-enabled contact centers, and how it can elevate the customer experience?

What is a Video-enabled Contact Center?

Understanding customers’ expectations and fulfilling them is the first step in providing a fantastic customer experience. Therefore, contact centers must focus on developing an extensive understanding of what customers expect, what sort of problems they face, whether or not customers’ requirements are being met, and how contact centers can improve their service to meet customers’ expectations.

Video contact center software is undoubtedly the next big thing in the world of contact centers. It allows contact center agents to rapidly initiate video-based conversations from any supported communication channel — including phone, email, chat, SMS, and social media. Video-enabled contact centers allow agents to communicate better with customers. It enables businesses and agents to elevate and humanize the regular chat interactions to a video call. Video chats and calls are relatively new adaptations in the customer service ecosystem, yet they underneath the gap between businesses and customers.

How Does Video Contact Center Elevate Customer Experience?

Businesses are always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance customer experience. A video contact center is one such solution that offers a rich feeling of presence to the customers.

1. Provide Personalized Customer Experiences

Empathizing and understanding the customers’ needs help deliver personalized customer experiences. Nowadays, customers are more intellectual and demanding than ever; they do not like mundane answers or solutions from customer support agents when contacted for an issue. With the help of Video chat, businesses can take charge and make conversations more human and personalized. 

Similarly, It also enables the agent to better gauge the customer’s mood and tone further helping in forecasting the urgency of the customer and quickening solutions. By integrating video-enabled contact center solutions, businesses can make customers feel that they have been well heard and understood even if the agents could not provide an instant solution to their problems. Businesses can assure the customers that they will take care of their problems well, improving the quality of customer experiences.

  • It helps to build trust among customers
  • Enables to connect with customers on new emotional and non-verbal levels. 
  • Face-to-face virtual interaction enriches the customer’s experience.

2. Enhanced Real-time Support

Video contact centers allow agents to help and direct the customers to virtually understand and use the product. In addition, customer support representatives can physically demonstrate how to use the product with the help of a screen sharing option in the application/tool. Lack of visual connection or contact has always been a significant challenge of interactions between businesses and customers. 

For example, There may be instances in the real world when a customer may not know how to use a product or service, and the reason behind it could be the lack of technical knowledge. If this person connects your contact center for help and the query does not get resolved for a reason such as he could not understand the verbal direction, he might get shattered and stop using your product. However, if the video contact center is there to help, agents can connect the customers and assist them better on video calls by providing real-time support.

3. Facilitates Streamlined Communication

Streamline communication is the key to an enhanced customer experience and good relations between customers and agents. Video contact center solutions have improved both agents and customer satisfaction significantly. Businesses can streamline their business communications and enhance overall productivity by integrating video call solutions. Furthermore, video chat solutions also support call recording and call monitoring capabilities. These features give managers a complete hold on the quality of calls and help managers measure agents’ performances. As a result, they can monitor and identify weakly performing agents while stakeholders can recognize bottlenecks in operational business processes and promptly rectify them.

4. Lesser Touchpoints, More Effectiveness

When most companies focus on the customer experience and journey, they generally think about the touchpoints—the individual path or transactions through which customers interact with different business departments and their offerings. However, more touchpoints mean more complexities in the business process and customer experience. 

Lesser touchpoints lead to excellent customer experience

Implementing video-enabled contact center solutions in businesses helps identify the root cause of the problem, lower digital customer touchpoints, and offers a practical solution faster, thus providing improved customer service. In addition, it means if the contact center adequately manages customer expectations, they can deliver a great experience.

5. Offer Quick Resolution

Video contact center solutions can help customers get and boost their first call of resolution by interacting face to face with agents and providing more transparency in communication. With it,  Agents can offer to initiate a video call share their screen, and guide customers better, and if the customer agrees, they can proceed. All of this together ensures a quicker resolution and an improved First Call Resolution (FCR) score. In addition, A video contact center solution can help eliminate the room for customers’ extra doubts, help in providing faster and timely solutions.

For instance, Customers often take up a lot of time explaining their problems to the support agents, especially if they face technical issues. As a result, they fail to interpret the solution as well and eventually get frustrated with your product and service. In the meantime, the agent also loses essential time comprehending the customer and conveying a solution.

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