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What Not To Do During Your First Customer Support Call?



Customer Support Call might seem to be playing the tiniest role, but originally it is the initial stage where the bond between the customer and the company is created. People call them only either when an issue arrives or any information is required regarding the company’s product. People of different nature come in contact of the agents. At times, the service agents might find it difficult to handle certain people because some of them lose their temper furiously. It depends on the agent how well he tackles the customers and represents his company at his best. When a customer gives a positive feedback to the customer support caller, it definitely goes to the company’s credit bank of reputation. So the customer support caller team plays a huge role in keeping the company’s nose high. Generally few mishappenings are done by the caller especially in the initial days of his job. He should be well avoiding doing these mistakes while making his first call.

Here is the list-

1) Do not fumble:
Agents during their first call usually stammer or fumble while interacting with a customer. This leads to the customer’s thought that he isn’t confident and won’t be able to resolve his query which will not be beneficial for the company at all. Adequate training and demo classes could be of great help to them.
2) Do not interrupt:

Let the customer wind with his words. Do not interrupt him in between even if the customer is busy beating around the bush rather than talking sense. Having good patience is always appreciated. Talking in between leaves the wrong impression on the customer’s mind. Listening more and talking less is always prescribed from our elders so using the advice in the professional life is most of the times fruitful.

3) Do not keep the caller’s call on hold for a long time:

Keeping the customer’s call on hold annoys them the most. They do not like hearing the background tone which says “Your call is on hold. Please wait for the assistance.” Here are the consequences that occurs while keeping the customer on hold. Rather it is suggested to keep in touch by talking to the customer while searching for the information. The priority of the agent is to get good feedback from the attendee and it can be only fetched by giving him the utmost attention. The higher the agent concentrates on the client, the higher is the rating s/he receives.

4) Avoid shuffling:

A single agent can not possess all the possible knowledge a caller requires. So at times he tends to ask the customer to dial a certain extension number which will connect him to the expert. This bugs the customer most of the times. The agent himself should be synchronizing the calls and connect it to the expert. Some reliable software can also be used for the customer’s ease and can save his time. The kind of features like Interactive Voice Response and the Automatic Call Distributor, it has for smarter service.

When the agent has these facilities to impress, the caller does not find him lazy or inefficient. The agents should be trained as well to know which expert has to be connected for what issue. Conference calling should be done so the customer need not repeat the same words again and again. He need not narrate the same story for different agents. The agent with whom the caller speaks in the first point of interaction can do the needful job. Softwares are available for this purpose when a caller calls for the first time few caller’s details are asked by the agent to keep him in his records for the future reference. Computer Telephonic Integration is the medium where all the details are displayed, as the caller calls the agent can view all his details. The caller this way need not give his details everytime he calls.

5) Do not refer to “Leave your feedback or the complaint on the Website”:

Many companies call their existing customers or the people to whom they want to target for their product or service. They call the new people to inform them and give the knowledge about their product. It is a good way of promotion, but at the same time they ask the customer to leave a feedback or a complaint by going on their website which the customers feel too lazy to perform. So it goes as a waste, it would be far better if the customers get the opportunity to give their views just by SMS or verbally on the phone (without dialing any extension number).

The technology has been reaching to a level which is beyond our imagination. So, making the best use of it is the wisest thing for the companies and when it comes to entertaining the customer – superior service is the only way out. The Customer Support Call institutes can have the customer support software which have features like Computer Telephonic Integration and can manage your customer interactions easily. I would be really glad to see more of you sharing your knowledge.



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