WhatsApp for Education: How it can benefit Edtech Sector?


Technology has taken over our lives completely – whether personal or professional. Just like that Education or schooling has not been left untouched by this digital revolution. From using bulletin boards and newspapers to announce exam results and other notification, we moved to phones, websites, emails, and social media.
Now, we have a new kid on the block – WhatsApp. Messaging platforms have gained popularity recently due to easy access and simplicity. WhatsApp has been leading the charge when it comes to personal messaging and since Facebook launched WhatsApp business, it has business-consumer communication to the next level.
Today, we will address some of the ways in which educational institutes and e-learning platforms can effectively use WhatsApp as a customer service and engagement channel.

Student Recruitment

People today are bombarded with marketing content – be it cold calling, display ads, promotional emails, and whatnot. Now, we have a new channel to generate leads while having a secure one-on-one conversation with prospective students and their parents. I am not talking about the so-called education WhatsApp group. By using WhatsApp Business API you can publish your WhatsApp business number on your website to let students and parents contact you and have a more personalized conversation.

Enrollment/Admission Confirmation Notification

The whole admission process – whether it’s school admissions or college admissions can quickly turn into an ordeal with too much to-and-fro happening along with a mountain on paperwork. On top of that, there is always anxiety among the parents and students about the review process and whether they are selected or not. Keep the students updated on the status of their application over WhatsApp. You can set up automation rules and configurations to automatically send updates to the registered mobile number whenever the application status changes. This feature is also useful when you are conducting some on-demand educational seminars and lectures and want to send registration confirmations.

Fee Reminders

Ask the accounts department of any educational institution, they are swamped with last-minute payment of fees. You can avoid this hassle by sending timely and automated reminders for due fees. Not just that, integrate WhatsApp for Education Sector with your existing systems to further personalize these messages by creating templatized messages and placeholders. Thus, saving timing and eliminating human error, and achieving your end goal of timely payments.

Sending Class Schedule and Course Topics

Send details about the course, syllabus, and class schedule to the students via WhatsApp message attachment. WhatsApp’s rich media support allows schools, colleges, and e-learning institutes to further build an inclusive educational and learning experience –  the instructors and professors can even record an audio message detailing the before-mentioned information for the blind students.

Admit Card and Result Announcement

Exam time is stressful. A lot is going on and the institutes are dealing with a multitude of things. You can ease this by streamlining the process of procuring admit cards. For example, students can simply give a missed call to their college/institute’s WhatsApp number – giving their consent to be contacted via WhatsApp. Post that, the school/college can send their Admit card on WhatsApp itself. This is a step ahead of the conventional methods of getting your admit card from school/college. Similarly, at the time of the result announcement, the schools and academies can share the website link on WhatsApp for students to access their exam results.

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Student Support and FAQs

Students and their parents have a lot of questions throughout the whole admission to even when the course is done. Questions related to exam dates, fee structure, accommodation, attendance, results, etc. Resolve these routine queries and FAQs anytime, anywhere using the messaging app. Let a chatbot deal with answering the basic queries and concerns. And in case the issue is too complex and the bot is not able to answer the student, you can set up the system to initiate a chatbot-agent handoff. That means one of your staff will be prompted to take over the conversation and resolve the issue at hand. At the same time, if no member of staff is available, the bot can offer the student to schedule a meeting or a call.
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