3 Significant Merits of a Cloud-based Call Recording Solution

Call Recording Solution

Today, many contact centers have realised the importance of call recording. Most importantly, it is a big help in training the agents and can also make the process of hiring and recruitment simpler. Moreover, it can also help in measuring agent productivity and can locate the exact problems in call center operations, when used in conjunction with analytics. It can also help in protecting a business from liability.

Not long ago, only very large organizations could afford a process of hundred percent call recording. However, the scenario at present has changed completely. There are several cloud-based solutions that are available for call centers and even the smallest call centers can get recording done quite easily. The real issue is that since there is no dearth of solutions in the market today, call centers who haven’t done call recording before may be skeptical about what they should look for and how to commensurate its specific requirement with the features of a product.

Most of the business leaders who are tech-savvy know about the huge impact of cloud-based solutions on an enterprise. Every other day, technology is continuing to spread into interesting and new areas. And yet, there are some strategies that still overlook the contact center as a viable field for cloud use, that have missed out on some serious benefits.

In order to clear some of the common myths that usually surround the use of cloud computing in a call center, check out some of these key advantages that they can enjoy with the correct solutions.

Smoother and Faster Data Access

As the cloud-based services are physically hosted in a remote and off-premise site, end-users and managers only require the right kind of authentication for accessing information and key calls from anywhere. Since many call centers have their operations spread across many branches and locations, it is critical to have seamless and rapid access to the archives. This is particularly true when a call center is in the process of deploying a quality assurance program on real-time basis.

More accurately and reliably, a contact center can extract data from its own recording archives, and also identify best practices and key instances. Thereby, agents can learn faster from the mistakes made, while handling their calls and also improve their performance.

A Straightforward Spending

Apart from the fact that it is simpler to manage it technically, cloud-based service provides a host of extremely useful financial benefits to organizations that can benefit from the solutions in a proper manner. Many executive leaders are anxious to lower their complexity and scope of internal IT budgets. Making investment in cloud-based services is an excellent way to streamline their expenditure and get greater visibility into financial forecast.

IT Management Becomes Simpler

If your call center is modern, updating the existing software and attaining technical specifications can give rise to issues that may give serious headaches to even the most expert IT teams over a period of time. That is precisely the reason why it is extremely valuable to minimize the internal involvement of technical infrastructure and IT departments.

Cloud has become a reliable technique of IT management in this aspect. Today, the leaders of a call center just need to handover the lion’s share of their technical responsibility to a third party service provider so that they are able to concentrate on making use of their call recording software and reap merits.

Recently, it has been pointed out by Bob’s guide that it is a smarter option for businesses today to opt for a hosted solution. Most of the cloud services are extremely scalable and the provider is equipped with a level of effectiveness and efficiency that have a far-fetched impact compared to the assistance provided by an organization’s internal IT teams. With such merits in mind, contact centers should seriously contemplate on migrating towards a cloud-based service provider whose call recording solution is secure, scalable and extremely reliable.

Today, all those call centers that are small in size and have fewer resources and limited finances cannot simply afford to spend their money on incorrect call recording software. Thus, it has become imperative to choose the right call recording software that is cost-effective and offers the same merits to a smaller contact center, that are usually enjoyed by bigger call centers with higher IT budgets.

Cloud has definitely come to address call recording needs of an increasing number of smaller call centers and the latter could spend a larger amount of money as they need not have to spend money for purchasing expensive hardware equipment and for their regular maintenance. Moreover, there was an issue of how to store the increasing volume of call recordings. In fact, it was a problem for the larger contact centers that were using on-site hardware equipment.

Cloud-based services have managed to change all this. There are several call recording solutions that have been specifically designed for medium and small sized contact centers that can function in a complete virtual environment, where call recordings are stored in an off-site data center and a service provider manages it.

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