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5 Easy Ways to Better Customer Engagement for Millennials


By 2030, almost 75% of the working population worldwide would comprise of millennials. One cannot undermine the role they have to play, and act as a catalyst to foster economic growth. Going by this, it becomes imperative that you should value customer engagement.
Who are Millennials?
Millennials are those born somewhere between 1980’s to early 2000. This is typically the most common age bracket and mostly 40% of your customers would fit in this category. Hence, it becomes a mandate that you keep them happy and well engaged or engrossed with your business happenings.
As I have mentioned that they occupy a huge percentage of number of people you are working for, it would not be wrong to say that they are actually the ones who influence your decision making and strategy building. Millennials are the first generation to have such infinite access to information and technology. Literally speaking, they have grown up, with their necks dipped deep in digital technology.
Now, if the driving force and majority of your workforce belongs to this section, would it not be a foolish attempt to skip their interests and go about your business in the traditional sense?

How do you please them?
It is not rocket science to get them on-board. They are multi-dimensional, tech savvy and digitally aware. To enhance your millennial customer engagement strategy and better customer experience, you need to offer them value oriented service to keep them hooked to your brand. Here are some brief pointers on how to drop the hook and reel Millennials in.

1. Go Mobile
Wherever you go, your mobile follows. Not long ago did I realize how critically important this would become. If there’s one straight cut point you can tell about Millennials is this – they are always connected to the digital world. They have become so inclined to using technology that their iPads, mobile phones, laptops and tablets are never left behind. This means that they have access to using your product and services even while they are traveling or in a remote location. Now, to tackle millennial customer engagement you need to up your game and comfort them with technological aids like havingmobile apps, 24*7 support, self-help options, live chat facility, video calls, conference calls, online service support, etc.

2. Brief is Beautiful
Millennials have a very short and limited attention span. If you are sending those long emails and other collaterals, chances are that they would just look at the subject lines, read the highlights and take decision. This makes your job rather delicate, to sustain their attention and have improved customer engagement, you need to make sure that the content, services, product bios and your navigation tools serve them brief and crisp descriptions. So if you want them to open your emails and browse through your website, you must condense the information and keep it straight forward and to the point.

3. Answer the Social Call
Almost everyone these days uses social media to keep in touch with friends, family, for business endorsements, sharing feedback and all other communication essentials. So if your company or brand is not alive and happening on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, there’s a huge chance that you will miss out on important connects and have lesser customer engagements.
Millennials are more intrigued by value based selling over price based selling. They are already through almost 57% of the buying cycle prior to reaching out to your call center rep or service agents. And with the growing advances of social media and infinite information repository it sustains, they know that all their questions will find answers there. Hence it becomes really important that your contact center supports these service requests, gives out information and connect with your customers on a rather personal level.

4. Aesthetics, Packaging and Modern Marketing

Millennials are picky. They might just hop on to the next brand or be displeased with your service because it did not appeal to their senses. Traditional marketing parameters don’t work really well with them. They are constantly looking for interactive experiences and a more customized approach. If your call center rep answers a call, they will expect him to know almost everything about his account details. The key to have more customer engagements is by making sure that you keep a track of their preferences, have a sorted customer database and train your agents accordingly.

5. Treat them like VIPs
Like I said earlier, they adore personalization, have limited time, short attention span and look for an interactive experience. The want to feel pampered and important. If you want them to support your brand, be on-board and maximize customer engagement, you need to treat them like your business revolves around them and depends on them alone. It can often become difficult to deal with demanding customers, in such cases it is best advised to deal it with patience and by being empathetic. If you show concern and care, it can become rather easy to calm them down and have your say. It is about getting the basics of customer service right and practicing them with vigor and zeal.
I hope that these handy pointers you can build a strong millennial customer engagement pool. If you have more insights to add or feedback to share, let me know in the comments section. 



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