5 Key Benefits of Having a Help Desk Software in your Call Center


When was the last time you talked with a contact center agent and didn’t hang up because of the poor customer experience? As for me, I am just a bad customer experience away from abandoning a brand and switching to a competitor. 

But, what makes a good brand deliver a bad customer experience? Coming to think of it, implementing the right strategy, and staying ahead of the curve can be a real game-changer for both brands and consumers alike. In a world where customers’ attention span is minimizing and a simple call or email won’t be sufficient to address their grievances, brands need cutting-edge technology to fuel their customer experience strategies.

The challenge is to find software that helps brands scale their operations with ease and allows them to stay abreast of the business operations effortlessly. A helpdesk software does exactly what your contact center needs. 

A help desk software integrated into a call center software will definitely help the agents to provide efficient service to the customers. In an industry where customer satisfaction is of paramount value, a call center software solution with a robust help desk can be a real asset.

The following are the benefits of integrating your call center solution with help desk software

Let the Customers Keep Track of Their Tickets

What makes an experience memorable? Imagine, a disgruntled customer gets the resolution that they are looking for. Increasingly, more enterprises are pivoting towards creating an exceptional customer experience. And a good helpdesk software does that for you.

How? An advanced helpdesk software automates first-level queries, routes the complex queries to best-suited agents, and lets the customer get an insight into the ticket status with a simple click of a button. When a customer reports an issue, a ticket gets created automatically with a unique ID, which allows them to keep track of their tickets without any delay.

Increase the Efficiency of your Team

With improved workflows, you can boost your agents’ productivity and make their lives better. To deliver a happy and memorable experience, your agents need the tools to automate repetitive tasks and focus on the customers’ needs.

While the ticket assignment is automated, an advanced helpdesk system lets you route the ticket to the most capable agent, ensuring that no agent gets a query that they can’t handle. This increases team efficiency and allows the agents to invest their time with the queries that they have expertise in.

Deliver an Omnichannel Customer Experience

Today’s customers like to connect with their choicest brands just the way they connect with their friends and family. If your customers are struggling to connect with a customer service agent on their favorite channel, then you need to rethink and revise your customer engagement strategy.

Letting the customers reach you via their preferred channel and allowing the agents to access the information across channels in a single intuitive interface can win the game for you. If a customer raises their first query on WhatsApp and second query on Email, your agents should be able to access both the tickets in a Unified Agent Desktop

A helpdesk system makes it easy to provide customer support across channels.

Integrate your Helpdesk with a CRM Application

Driving a contextual conversation is a challenge for today’s call centers. An efficient helpdesk software lets you do away with this challenge by allowing you to integrate with an in-house or third-party CRM application. Ensuring easy access to customers’ details increases agents’ efficiency and allows them to drive a more meaningful and contextual interaction with the customers.

CRM applications can help increase sales by up to 29%, says the recent study.

Integrating your helpdesk system with a CRM application allows the agents to get a holistic view of customer’s details like their buying behavior, past purchases, grievances, etc. With this additional information, the agents can understand the customer’s journey and provide a unique resolution to each customer.

Track & Measure Performance

Ticket data is important to manage contact center operations. Let the managers and supervisors get granular reports to make well-informed decisions. Along with data like chat volume, call volume, FCR, CSAT rate, etc., the supervisors also need quick insights into channel-specific reports to analyze the performance of each channel.

A helpdesk software with built-in live monitoring tools helps to track the process functioning and enables the managers and supervisors to make quick decisions. For instance, if chat volume increases on WhatsApp at 1:00 PM, the managers can quickly align the agents to WhatsApp chat queue to resolve maximum queries and increase agents’ productivity.

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