5 Ways to Improve Call Quality Monitoring Practices


Call quality monitoring just does not involve doing a quality check of the daily recorded calls handled by your call center agents. It is a much complicated process which is imperative for your business’s growth.
Call quality monitoring takes into account actual facts and figures. It includes carefully tabulating the dos and the don’ts and subsequently doing a rain check to assure the same. If your call center agents are handling a daily average of 100 – 200 calls, it is important that you start emphasising upon the importance of having a great call quality monitoring system in place.
This necessarily doesn’t need to be a strict standard to be followed rigorously, it can be a programme for overall professional grooming or what needs to be absolutely done while on a call. Your call center agents will have more bad days than good; more bad calls than gorgeous conversations and so on and so forth. Your call quality monitoring practices need to soft-wire these skills in a manner that it becomes a part of their approach. Their approach towards solving important queries; answering customer’s questions; a way of handling irate customers; acknowledging customer feedback; being empathetic and much more.
But the big question here becomes how do youincorporate such a vast call quality monitoring regime in your call center?How do you ensure that all your agents take responsibility and are dedicatedly working towards achieving a world-class customer experience set up. These questions can be unanimously answered by mentioning that, if you want to achieve high level of customer satisfaction quotas and uplift your call quality monitoring standards, you should start by incorporating baby steps in your daily proceedings.
So, here’s a quick guide to having it set right.
Ask them a lot of questions
Ask your call center agents a lot of questions. Ask them to ask their customers a lot of questions. This way you can get a really clear picture of what they really expect, understand and what needs to be your area of focus while training them. On asking questions to customers, it helps your agents dwell deep and be on the same page with the customer. This will eventually aid the agent and chances are that the call would be rated of high quality, as the customer feedback is of paramount importance.
Get the basics right
It is important that you maintain standardisation throughout in your call center. Every agent should be fully aware of the most important steps or scripts which cannot be absolutely ignored. It can start from generic greetings and amount to a strict identification and verification process. If your agents follow different set of practices, it can confuse your customers who are often frequent callers. When a customer calls and every time he has to go through a new set of questions, new process flow, etc., it can frustrate them to the point of leaving your brand and doing business elsewhere. Standardisation also makes your operations to look smooth, organised and more professional, which adds the element of quality assurance in your brand’s name.
Quality people for quality monitoring
It is important to have people with expertise in your team who are responsible for keeping up to the level of maintaining appropriate call quality monitoring standards. If your quality coach lacks insights and such traits, chances are that your agents would also lag behind. It is important that they lay strict emphasis upon the importance of delivering the best possible customer service to your customers. This is the only way as in why a customer would return to do business with you repeatedly.

Incentivise call quality monitoring programme

If you add an added structure in the payouts domain of your call center, your agents would be motivated enough to start following these practices. You can plan and include call quality monitoring process in your annual review cycle. This way it can be fairly evaluated that who has been the top performer and which team or agent needs to ramp up his or her performance. After all a little motivation can always do wonders.
Critical call alert
Make sure that your agents can seek anytime assistance in case of an emergency or when they are stuck. There can be such calls where the query of the customer is way too complicated for an agent to handle on his own and make decisions. This is the time when your agents will need a manager’s assistance or someone who has decision making capability. Make sure that your call monitoring setup or the CRM allows your agents to raise flags or specifically mark out critical calls.
I hope this guide makes it easy to monitor and maintain quality of calls in your call center. If you have more points to add or feedback to share, let us know in the comments section.