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6 Key Components That Can Influence the Functioning of a Contact Center


A contact center has many key components, just like any other business. Most of these components have a direct impact/influence on the business. Recognizing and optimizing these components can contribute to the overall success of a contact center.
Following are six key components that you may focus on to improve the efficiency of your contact center.

  1. Infrastructure

The location of your contact center is important in terms of the building cost, as well as the convenience to recruit employees. As far as a contact center is concerned, all the interactions with the customers are through phone or by other means of communication, like chat, e-mail, and so on. Since there is no face-to-face communication with the customers, it is not necessary that your contact center has to be located at the center of the city or very close to the city where the expense of owning land or owning a building or even renting a building is very high. However, it has to be located close to the city, for the convenience of the employees to reach the center, and also for the availability of technology required for the proper functioning of your contact center. It is also important to provide a good working environment for the employees.
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  1. Customer/Consumer/Caller

A contact center is all about customers. The primary aim of a contact center is to serve its customers. It is vital that a contact center does everything to optimize its customer service. Every contact centers must strive to make their agents more efficient in terms of customer service and process knowledge. It should start with hiring the right agents for your contact center. Then provide them with an in-depth process training. Train them to improve their communication skills as well. Monitoring the calls of the agents will help to provide valuable feedback, which in turn will help to improve agent skills. A good contact center agent should be able to make a customer feel valued, as well as resolve their issue in an acceptable time frame. Implementing the latest technologies available for a contact center will help to streamline the entire process.

  1. Process

A single contact center may have multiple processes. The ability of a contact center to streamline all the processes successfully may contribute to the overall success of that contact center. Once you have established your contact center as a center that can successfully handle a process, you will get more business. The success of a process is very much dependent on the ability of the contact center agents. If your agents have good process knowledge and impeccable customer service skills, the customers will not hesitate to call into your contact center.

  1. Contact center agents

The performance of an agent has a direct impact when it comes to customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction is directly related to the success of a contact center process. One of the challenges that every contact center face is retaining its agents. Hiring an agent, training that agent, and making facilities available for that agent all costs money. If the agent leaves the company after a few months, it is essentially a loss for that company. So, it is important that you hire the right agents for your contact center. Optimize the hiring process, and provide the agents with adequate training. A good work environment and good incentive schemes will help to optimize the attrition rate in a contact center.

  1. Technology

Making use of the latest technologies available for your contact center will definitely help to improve the efficiency of your contact center, and contribute to its overall success. Some of the contact center technologies include:

  • ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) – Helps to manage incoming calls.
  • Predictive dialer – Helps to increase productivity.
  • Issue tracking system – Helps to streamline customer-related issues.
  • Text analytics – Helps to gather data based on customer interactions.
  • Computer Telephony Integration – Technology to manage calls with the help of computers.
  • Speech analytics – Helps to identify customer needs.
  • Session Initiation Protocol – Used in conjunction with IP technology, it helps customers to a reach a contact center from any part of the world.
  • Email response – A management software that handles emails based on a set of rules defined by a user.
  1. Business and Financial management

Just like any other business, it is important to gather data and analyze it to understand the overall functioning of a contact center. Gathering data, and analyzing it can be a challenging task in a contact center as most of the centers will be under pressure from managing calls, and other contact center functions. Most of the centers are run on very tight budgets as well. However, it is important to review the contact center performance from its business and financial aspect.
Focusing on these key components will certainly make a difference in the day-to-day contact center operations.


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