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Chabots-Ready to Overtake Customer Service in a Big Way (Infographic)


Lately, if you have contacted with your broadband provider or your bank, there is a very good chance you may have interacted with a bot, rather than a human agent. Chatbots are taking over customer service in a big way. And there is a good reason for that. The technology wonder is not only going to save enterprises billions of dollars, it is also expected to transform the  customer service landscape. AI powered Chatbot for customer service enables businesses to engage with the customers better and has an incremental role is improving customer experience (CX).

One of the biggest advantages of enterprises bots is its ability to mitigate minor customer issues from becoming full-fledged escalations. Although, the technology is still evolving, chatbot is already impacting customer service departments in the following ways –

  • Chatbot can deal with all mundae customer requests efficiently
  • Customer service agents have more time at hand to deal with complicated tasks and responsibilities.
  • Chatbot can fetch information from the database quickly, reducing turnaround time for customer request
  • Number of customer service emails are reduced, as all predictive tasks can be directly handled by the chatbot

To get a close view, has put together a very insightful Infographic “Conquering the World, Chatbots Gone Wild”  highlighting the latest trends and predictions about this evolving technology. The information presented in the Infographic are very interesting and will offer a window into the impact it is expected to have on customer service. The key highlights of the infographic are –

  • Why businesses love chatbots
  • How chatbot helps in boosting sales
  • How chatbot saves enterprises both time and money
  • How consumers prefer to interact with chatbots



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