What, Why and How of Cloud Contact Center


Have you thought of upgrading your contact center? Are you still stuck with on-premise contact center solution? With the rapid growth in the cloud contact center, you need the best-in-class technologies to support your businesses. An increasing number of companies are shifting from infra to cloud and why not? The feasibility to onboard employees becomes easy and who does not like some extra savings in their accounts.

Do not let the geographical boundaries stop you from doing business. Enable your employees to access the data from remote locations while installing a secure and robust cloud contact center.

What is Cloud Contact Center?

Have you tried business over internet? It has just become easy to access the data that once needed hardware set up. A cloud contact center is hosted over the internet which is easily deployable and involves a minimum cost. So, what are you waiting for, transform your legacy contact center into a modernized contact center with these easy capabilities!

Cloud Contact Center Software Benefits To Not Be Missed

Easy Installation

Now, you do not need to maintain your hardware set up because your data is secured over the cloud solution. Do not lose your data even if your employee leaves the company. You can deal with multiple geographies without having to worry about infra cost involved in setting up hardware system.

Lower CAPEX Requirement

Save money big time because its time to invest in your cloud contact center. Make your business more compelling with lower Capital Expenditure. Cloud contact center software only needs a strong internet connection and you are set to go. Cloud Contact Center Software allows you to set up a work from home model which will enhance the productivity of your contact center and ensure that agents can work remotely without any hassle. 

Data Security

From small to large enterprises, data security cannot be compromised. Get relief from data theft because all your data is secured over cloud.

Are your customers constantly worried about data leakage? Do you deal with numbers? Do not worry, we have got you covered with smart cloud based contact solutions.

Flexibility and Scalability

Increase or decrease employees without any hassle. It’s as easy as managing your gmail account, anytime, anywhere. Deliver interaction application faster and expand your business operations, your cloud service provider will take care of hardware management.

Disaster Recovery

Losing the data is constant threat that businesses deal with. Do you deal with multiple geographies? Losing data at one center will not actually be a loss anymore, this data will be stored on the cloud and your agents can access it easily in case of operational failover.

Features of Cloud Contact Center that you will love:

Automate Dialing Strategies

Work smartly with an auto dialer. Don’t waste time in repetitive tasks like manually dialing numbers. Let the auto dialer decide the number of calls to be routed to your agents on the basis of their availability. Happy agents will deliver rewarding results, so eliminating mundane tasks like call waiting, on-hold time, they will function more productively.

Routing Logics

Define routing rules to deliver the experience that will delight your customers. Route calls smartly and match the callers to most qualified agents. We are moving towards the world of automation and automatizing these simple actions liking routing a call to German-speaking agent when a call from Germany lands in your system can increase the efficiency of your cloud center software.

Integrating Capabilities

What do you think will happen if the customer’s browsing history is available to your agents prior to making a call? Seamlessly integrate with leading application to let your agents take well informed decisions.

If your customers want information about credit cards, agents will have the data in front of them to educate them while initiating the conversation, hence more productively handling the calls. CRM-CTI integration with Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho, etc. ensures the flexibility in your business workflow.

Turn Insights into Results with Reports and Dashboard

You do not want to miss on the end results of your cloud contact center solutions. Maximize work efficiency with customized reports while analyzing agent’s performance. Define key performance metrics and let your numbers speak for your agents. Align the customer interaction data with the availability of agents while assigning tickets to optimize work efficiency of each agent.

Cloud-based contact center solutions will drive the industry by storm for the next decade, so here’s your chance to act smart with this technologically driven solution and enhance the capabilities of your existing contact center software. Dealing with sensitive data becomes a lot easier with cloud contact center software.

To drive better results, check Ameyo’s Cloud Contact Center Solutions and see your business grow exponentially.

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