Combating Pandemic with Remote Contact Center


COVID-19 virus has left countries and their economies incapacitated with people having to be self-quaratined and taking all the necessary precautions to stop the spread of this disease. This has led many organizations to make their employees work from home (WFH). A situation which was seen as a cost-saving mechanism has become a necessity today.

Being Prepared for Remote Operations

To be prepared to serve their customers while ensuring the safety of their employees, organizations are looking for remote operations. This calls for a solution which helps them quickly move from their present setup to a remote one while ensuring business continuity.One of the ways to do that is by setting up a remote contact center which helps you  get your processes up and running in no time.

You must have Concerns - Here are the Solutions

> What about Existing Setup

Having a pre-existing on-premise setup can understandably make one doubtful of movement to a different model. But with VPN access you can easily re-route all your customer interactions to serve them as before. Moreover, the ease of setting up a cloud based contact center is one of the primary reasons that nudge the companies to look at this solution.

> Large Scale Operations

Enterprises with large scale operations have to deal with huge workforce and customer base as well. A cloud contact center solution provides the perfect opportunity for the large businesses to scale their operations using multiple cloud deployment options such as private, public or a hybrid setup. For a large scale business, a hybrid model might make more sense. They can start by setting up nodal offices and partially work remotely as well. This will decrease the training time and should help with smooth operations. Having said that, with the right solution vendor, you can opt for any of the cloud services as well.

> Decrease in Call Volume

As a business, one of the most bugging issues will be losing out on customers because of your unavailability or unpreparedness. But that does not have to be the case. With the best cloud call center software, you can tackle that issue easily by configuring the agents’ extension on their mobile phone. Thus, ensuring all the calls land to your executives and you do not miss out on any.

> Agent Productivity & Monitoring

With a virtual call center, your business is as usual with practically no downtime but what about agent monitoring? Well, that can also be done using a mobile app – get all the performance data in the palm of your hands. Moreover, the usual live monitoring and dashboards are always available to help you be on top of your operations.

It’s true that we are facing a global crisis today but well – crisis presents an opportunity. So, you might as well make the best of the situation especially when there is plenty of support available around. Even the government is supporting the work from home model wherein the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) issued a notice exempting the requirement of authorised Service Providers Provisioned secured VPN. 

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