Contact Center Technology Trends That Will Boom In 2020


The aim of any business is to acquire more customers and deliver exceptional customer service. But, without a sound strategy and technological transformation, your business will hit a dead-end and there’s no turning back once you start losing your customers to the competition!

Now is the time for businesses to adopt new technologies because 2020 is rolling around the corner and these technological trends will transform the way businesses operate. You’ll get the best of both worlds with new technological transformation and less capital expenditure.

So, which contact center strategies are you following in 2020?

Contact center technology is shifting from being a cost center to a customer engagement platform and businesses are planning to use newer technologies to meet the rising customer demands.

Presence on New Digital Channels

Businesses that work in silos have disconnected conversation and because of such inconsistency, customers may lose their interest in your product. No matter how great your product is, if you are compromising on exceptional customer service then someone else is winning your customers.

To overcome the battle of delivering context-driven conversations, being present on customer’s preferred channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Email, Chat, Call and more is the key.

According to a Global Customer Service Report, 33% of consumers prefer getting the issue resolved in a single interaction (no matter the length of time)

With unified conversation across touchpoints, agents can easily track customer’s information through previous interaction history, thus eliminating the need to ask repetitive questions and resolve customer queries instantly.

Cloud Deployment

Cloud technology has been an asset for many businesses and it continues to be the most preferred technology for businesses across the globe. Cloud platform has opened the possibility of working across multiple geographies without having to invest in infrastructure and hardware setups.

With the offering of easy scalability and flexibility, 83% of Enterprise Workloads Will Be In The Cloud By 2020, says a Forbes Report.

With a smooth CRM integration with cloud contact center software, businesses are benefitting while it proves out to be a cost-cutting software with all the on-premise features.

Voice Biometrics

Voice authentication is solving most of the persisting problems in call centers. Now, customers won’t have to repeat their queries even if they call in from different numbers. Voice biometrics identifies the customer’s voice and ensures a smooth journey for customers across channels.

This also solves the security concern for contact centers as the customer’s voice is used as a password and avoids fraudulence.

Artificial Intelligence

Choice rules CX and customers will choose you again if they are happily satisfied with their first interaction with your customer service reps. Artificial Intelligence will become a major hit for businesses because it smartly understands the customer’s intent and allows agents to prioritize the tickets according to the customer’s emotion.

Agents will be notified with high priority tickets once AI identifies customer’s sentiments, allowing them to deliver the prompt response to a customer who is not happy.

For instance, when a customer is planning to travel to his/her dream destination and is not able to check the flight status, might try to reach out to an agent. The customer might get frustrated if he/she does not get an instant response from any agent. While the customer is trying to reach an agent, with AI’s intelligence, the agent can see the ticket priority and understand customers’ state and deliver a timely resolution to avoid escalation.

Data-Driven Customer Insights

Data allows businesses to connect and personalize each interaction from beginning to end. Data tells you a lot about your customers and you can utilize it to plan future actions for your customers, delivering exceptional CX.

It is becoming more relevant in 2020 because businesses can drive patterns on the basis of defined data.

For instance, if there are multiple queries around travel packages, this could be resolved through a self-service IVR and agents can focus on critical issues while most of the routine queries get resolved at IVR level.


Stay Ahead of the Change in 2020

The choice will rule 2020 and here’s your chance to stay ahead of your competition. With technology adoption and change in strategies, it will become easy for businesses to realign their goals with customer’s increasing expectations. If the technology is used with the right strategies, it will transform the customer experience and will help you be the right choice!