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How Contact Centers Should Use Technology to Benefit Customers


According to Louise Robinson, Sales Director of CG Consulting, “If you have 50 prospects on your list, maybe half of those, some 25, are worth your time. Of these, 12 will result in a conversion with the correct person, and of those 12, maybe seven will result in a proposal being submitted, and two or three will lead to an actual sale.” So what measures should a contact center take to enhance this skewed conversion ratio of 50: 3?

The solution lies within the realms of technology. Contact centers must focus on feeding a relevant database in the CRM system and then opting for cloud based telemarketing systems for best results. The use of call center dialers, such as autodialers and predictive dialers, can further enhance efficiency.

Here is a look at technology that can help you achieve better customer engagement through improved services:

Bank on email marketing: Did you know that 72% of North American consumers rank email marketing on #1 when it comes to permission-based promotions? Ensure that your website and social media page have a form that gathers consumer enquiries and information and also grants you permission to send them promotional emails.

Ensure mobile presence: Since 48% of emails are accessed on a mobile device these days, it becomes important for businesses to be present in the space where consumers are looking for them. Your website must be optimized for mobile devices, along with laptops and PCs. Additionally, you can come up with some targeted marketing campaigns via social media platforms.

Use the power of social advertising: Create highly targeted and effective campaigns on Facebook to engage your audience. Also utilize the power of other social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus and Instagram to connect with your audience. Make sure the communication flow is always two-way. You can even plan out some interesting contests for customer engagement.

Technology to your rescue: Enhance the efficiency of your contact center with the use of auto dialers and predictive dialers. This will bring down your agents’ lag time and call drop-outs to a considerable degree. It will also aid in achieving the maximum number of out-bound and in-bound calls per hour, thereby enhancing productivity manifold.

Create a differential advantage to stand out in the crowd. Experiment with different ideas that have the ability to strike a chord with your consumers and drive your sales. It is always best to plan out your marketing strategy based on the solution that you offer to treat a particular pain point of the consumer.


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