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How to Design an Effective Call Scoring Evaluation Form


The simplest way to design a call scoring evaluation form would be by taking the help of a reputed Quality Assurance vendor. Usually, such vendors have various kinds of sample forms and do not mind sharing them, especially when they feel that you may purchase their solution.

Another way of procuring a standard call scoring evaluation form would be to request your friends, who are associated with call centers. You can also surf the net for all those articles that have sample evaluation forms for call scoring. A fourth approach could be to take the help of a consultant who usually specialize in such activities.
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We have compiled some of the best practices that should be kept in mind while designing an effective call scoring evaluation form:-

  • Engaging staff from different levels – You can involve employees at various levels to help you in your Quality Assurance program, starting from managers, trainers, supervisors, to even agents in the call center.
  • You can use your internal QA system for measuring how well the internal processes adhere. The measurement should be done based on those points that are regarded as important by customers. For instance, first-time problem resolution can be a crucial measure of cost containment and effectiveness in an enterprise. Such criteria are appreciated by the customers.
  • Put weights to all the categories in your call scoring evaluation, with respect to their relevance and importance. Some of the categories in the evaluation form may include points such as call opening/greeting, product knowledge, skills in problem resolutions, soft or communication skills, call closing and others.
  • You need to test and review your call scoring evaluation before it can be rolled out for implementation.
  • Training sessions have to be conducted for all employees in your call center on the new scoring evaluation so that they have a proper clarity on what items are being measured in the evaluation form and what is the process of doing that.

Designing an effective scoring evaluation form is one of the easier aspects of a successful Quality Assurance Program. The more challenging and tougher component is to ensure that it is being applied consistently with calibrations and then trying to learn how coaching and both positive and negative feedbacks can be given to your call center agents.
Some recent surveys have indicated that little correlation exists between the ratings given in a scoring evaluation form, CSAT (Customer satisfaction) ratings, and FCR (First call resolution).
Steps for Designing an Effective Quality Monitoring Process
The most important aim of quality monitoring is to ensure that your call center performance is improved. The process does not intend to provide a precise indication of how individual agents are performing, while interacting with callers over phones.
1. Key Success Factors need to be Defined
Important goals need to be defined along with intended results. Thereafter, tasks should be assigned to the various individuals for achieving results. Explaining the objectives along with performance metrics and expected outcomes at this stage will have an impact on the work done, and ensures proper clarity among the call center staff.
2. Get the Support of your Agents
The agents may resist when you first install a call recording system and you should be ready for that. You need to explain to them the merits associated with such a system and thereby, seek their support.
3. Selecting Calls for evaluation and monitoring 
You need to select non-routine customer calls for greater effectiveness of your QA program. Some of them include:-

  • Calls that were transferred multiple times
  • Calls those were either shorter or longer than usual
  • Calls that originated from certain geographies or customers
  • Calls that involved some particular activity on the PC screen of the agent. An example of this is when the customer’s account was closed.

4. Creating a Call Scoring Evaluation Form and an Agent Scorecard
The primary goal of a quality monitoring process is to evaluate the agents in an effective manner. The aim is to collect all such information that is needed for evaluating the performance of your agents on their soft skills.
A quality audit procedure should be conducted on a monthly basis to examine the various qualities and skills such as adherence to processes, product knowledge, call control, courtesy, empathy, accuracy, and clarity of voice. An effective scoring evaluation should reflect the goal of a contact center and an enterprise’s unified goal. Thus, it is vital for you to be aware and appreciate the business of your organization and its goals. Scorecards or quality monitoring forms should be arranged by categories.
5. A Process Map for Quality Monitoring Should be Created
You need to create and document a process map for the call center’s quality monitoring system. The document should describe aspects such as responsibilities of people and their roles and the techniques and tools to be used. Calls should be recorded and the supervisor should have an ability to replay a call. The agent must listen to his/her own calls from time to time to conduct a self-assessment.


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