Virtual Call Center: 5 Tips to Manage Remote Agents

Virtual Call Center

The call center sector is one of those sectors that have stuck to the traditional brick-and-mortar way of functioning for the longest time. The reasons are feasibility, management of employees, accessibility to resources, etc. 

But just like all the other sectors, call centers had to switch to a virtual platform with their human resources stuck at home. Not just employees but 88% of customers also feel that the companies should take more digital initiative in the late-pandemic era. 

A virtual call center is a remote center that can be accessed and used anywhere. It can be premise-based or cloud-based according to the company’s requirements. It is beneficial for both employees and customers. 

While opting for a virtual call center, it is necessary to acknowledge the management of remote agents. 

Here are 5 Tips to Manage Remote Agents:

Generate Support

While working at the same place, it’s easier to support each other. But when everyone is working from remote locations, it can be tricky. It’s essential to use digital platforms to communicate and create a friendly environment for employees.

Responsive grievance handling and problem-solving should be available. Flexible work environments can also help increase productivity, as a happy employee is an effective employee. When working hours align with their peak productivity hours, it supports them while benefiting the organization.

Empower Agents- 

The first step is to break down the vision and mission of the organization into goals and objectives. Then the agents have to be intimated about their role in fulfilling them. 

They need to realize their importance in the firm and have access to all the tools required to perform their duties to feel empowered. Provide regular online training and development sessions to upgrade or enhance their skills. 

Analyze Reports

Virtual Call Center software & application has an optimum agent management system that keeps track of their performance in different areas. Many reports are generated based on parameters set by the organization. 

These reports are analyzed to identify KPIs, as they help communicate with the agent what can be improved. Individual data related to call response rate, first call resolution, average time, call escalation, etc., can help identify and offer a corrective measure. Proper monitoring would also help in enriching self-accountability.

One such example is Ameyo which provides an effective agent management system.

Team Collaboration Tools- 

Collaboration is the essence of a team. At office premises, it’s easier to build a collaborative environment when everyone’s seated close to each other. 

In the digital world, team applications and social media platforms help to create such safe spaces. Even with work timing flexibility, the manager schedules a morning call to set the tone for the rest of the day and helps agents in clarifying their daily targets. 

An afternoon update session on group chats can also help understand the direction of things. Then an EOD call discussion where the team members shall share their setbacks and achievements for others to understand and celebrate. Just like people used to gather for morning assemblies and hi-teas in the office.

Facilitate Healthy Competition- 

Gamification is an effective tactic to create healthy competition among the agents. There can be a set of brownie points associated with the early achievement of targets for the month which can encourage employees to put additional efforts into achieving them. 

At the EOD calls, the outstanding performer who fulfills daily targets can be appreciated in front of the team. Social recognition acts as a great motivator in the corporate industry.

Before the Work from Home (WFH) era, people spent 8-9 hours of their days in their offices. 

That model of functioning followed certain practices that helped cultivate a work culture, which is why it has been effective for so many years. However, a work culture also needs to be built with the WFH model. 

Currently, it is an experimenting phase where everyone is doing their best in the given circumstances. 

With time, this process will evolve to provide a smoother WFH experience to the organization and its employees. 

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In the meantime, the best thing to do is to upgrade with time and adopt Virtual Call Center software to manage your remote agents and create a safe digital environment for them. 

If there are still some queries related to the working of it all, then you can directly get in touch with Ameyo’s team and schedule a demo. They can help you understand the detailed functioning of the software and its features.

So, you can move forward with an informed approach and find the best way to manage your remote agents and operate a virtual call center according to your specifications and requirements.

Moeen Khan

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