CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a must have for maintaining multiple client relationships while acquiring new ones, with ease and efficiency. CRMs enable agents who deal with any form of client interaction or lead generation (telemarketing, collections, customer support, helpdesk etc) to access information from an information repository (database), update it or just modify it using some form of text or GUI-based interface.

The benefits of CRM are:

  • Robust management - with AMEYO's CRM manage sales force, processes, orders, or opportunities, and track all that meaningful information in an organized manner
  • Marketing and Sales enablement - Create lists, campaigns, workgroups and track information regarding processes, campaigns, and workforce. Search through information effortlessly, and pull up records within seconds for better service delivery through tight database integration
  • High-level configuration capability - With AMEYO's CRM, configure and customize information for better management with a single, unified interface. Create call flows, agent scripts, reports and modify them as per specific requirementsb
  • Effective Telephony Controls - Call features such as conferencing, transfer, hold, hang-up for disposing calls in a swift and efficient fashion while reducing your average customer interaction time and look-up information regarding customers with a touch of a button
  • Integrated multimedia capabilities - Send E-mails to prospects and customers starting with lead generation, through service and post-sales, ensuring highest customer satisfaction levels. Set automatic triggers and alerts for E-mails, events, transactions, and enable E-mail and SMS auto-response

With AMEYO's CRM, be certain of agent's ability to access information and serve customers faster without compromising on service quality. The interface is most simple and straightforward and allows easy lead management, tracking and status updates. The CRM is robust, and flexible in terms of operation and deployment while capable of being integrated with any third-party database, CRM or tool for smooth and seamless functioning.

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