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5 Immensely Beneficial Features of Auto Dialer



An auto dialer is essentially software or an electronic device that dials telephone numbers automatically. When the call is connected, it passes the call to a live agent or plays a recorded message. While most call centers deploy auto dialers but few know how to make optimum use of it. Auto dialer that play a pre-recorded message is called robocalling or voice broadcasting. A typical example is opinion polls that you receive when you are asked by the machine to press a digit to select an option. When it passes the call to a live agent, it is called predictive dialer.

It has some key features that can benefit your call center immensely and maximize your business productivity. Following are a few of them:

1. Answering Machine Detection

This is one of the main features of an auto dialer. It has the ability to distinguish live human picks from answering machines. The system analyzes incoming audio and makes a prediction. In real-time, every time an agent has to reach for the answering machine, it affects the productivity time. For example, an agent dials the number waits for the call to be picked up, and the call goes directly to the answering machine. The agent will have to call that number again, maybe at different times of the day, to make a sale or convey a message. This will result in call wastage, which disturbs the productivity of that agent. With the help of auto dialers, the agent does not have to wait on the call or reach for an answering machine. It will only connect the call to the agent when a customer answers the phone.

2. Automatic ‘Opt Out’ Feature

With the help of auto dialing, an agent can simply press a key, to place a customer who does not wish to receive calls from your company, in the ‘Do Not Call’ list. It will make sure that your call center adheres to all regulations. It also has also an automatic ‘opt out’ option that lets the recipient of a voice message to just press a number and automatically place them in the ‘do not call’ list. It is mandatory to provide a caller ID on all telemarketing calls. This number can automatically be answered by an auto dialer’s integrated ‘opt out’ program. This means a customer does not have to wait on the line to speak to an agent to place a ‘Do Not Call’ request.

3. Pre-Qualification of Calls

Auto dialing can be used to check whether a particular customer is interested in your product or not. With the help of IVR system, when customers respond to your message, they can be taken through a series of questions to check whether they are truly qualified prospects. This will help the agents to not waste time with unqualified prospects. Thereby, agents can truly focus on qualified prospects to make a sale. This will aid in increasing the productivity of agents, as well as the company to make increased sales.

4. Call Recording and Call distribution Features

It is important for all call centers to record calls, for quality and legal purposes. After listening to the calls, managers and supervisors can provide appropriate feedback to agents. Monitoring calls on a regular basis will help the agents to perform better on calls. Recording calls will also ensure that agents treat the customers with respect. If an agent is not performing well on calls, the reason could be traced by listening to that agent’s calls, and then develop a training program for those agents. Thereafter, the recorded calls can be played to trainees for training purposes. Moreover, additional data/information can be generated from recorded calls to improve sales parameters.

The call distribution feature can be used to prompt the callers to enter an account number or the type of service required, to provide necessary information quickly or to transfer the customer to the correct department.

5. Text-to-Speech (TTS) Feature

It is also equipped with Text-to-Speech capabilities and is completely user-friendly. The TTS capabilities of most dialers are compliant with Microsoft Speech API (Application Program Interface), which is supported by other third-party Text-to-Speech providers also. Call centers can quickly and easily design IVR scripts for the purpose of collecting caller-specific information/data. TTS can also be used to provide personalized messages, which connect with the customers on a personal level and may result in increased sales. It usually uses message templates to personalize messages.

What have been your experiences with Auto dialers? Do you think there are other key aspects which we have not mentioned in this blog? Kindly mention your thoughts in the comments section below.


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