How is Middle East Gearing Up for Customer Experience Challenges

Customer Experience Challenges in Middle East

Digital transformation is the reality of today’s world as evolving technologies are disrupting each and every aspect of the business, government, and individuals’ lives. Businesses have to embrace this revolution by identifying the challenges coming up their way and plan to address them. The Middle East region has a fair share of their digitisation story in the global digital revolution.

The consumers in the Middle East region are driving the digital change and are demanding better services. As per Nielsen, the region has one of the highest smartphone penetration rates, with countries like the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar scoring higher than the United States. Also, the use of social media is on the rise and consumers are closer to brands than ever before. The takeaway here for businesses is to ensure that they are present where their customers are and respond to them via the media they are comfortable with.

Comparatively, the adoption of digital technologies on the business front was not that accelerated but is improving expeditiously off late with the region making big leaps in the digital direction with heavy investments. 

Contact center and customer experience space, in particular, is witnessing a significant overhaul in the wake of digital wave and various service-driven industries like banking and finance, healthcare, telecom retail and travel have been making changes in their technology stack to ensure competitive edge by winning the customers while delivering exceptional customer experience.

Considering the current scenario in the Middle East market, while devising customer service strategy, businesses need to address the following prevalent challenges posed by digital transformation, and ever-growing consumer service needs :

Achieving True Omni Channel Capability

With an increase in the number of media channels, consumers want to reach out to brands via the medium of their preference and convenience. Hence, organizations need to ensure that they facilitate the buyer journey by allowing an omni channel reachout mechanism at all touchpoints. For this contact centers are deploying the omnichannel call Center software solutions which support their entire sales and service process across the buyer’s journey to ensure customer satisfaction.

Transforming Contact Centers to Customer Engagement Centers

In today’s world of instant gratification, customers don’t want to wait for getting their issues resolved and this is what drives the overall customer experience landscape. In today’s highly competitive scenario, customer service is a crucial differentiator. Self-Service options are one such feature, which gives the customers the ease of resolving their issues without getting to communicate with an agent. In scenarios, where interacting with the agent becomes necessary, customer expects the service representative to know the pre-context of the interaction from his previous interactions with the company.

Enabling Processes and Workforce with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most talked about trend in the contact center industry off late and is considered to bring about the major transformational changes across processes and the workforce performance along with customer satisfaction at the center. Functionalities like chatbots and sentiment analysis can help to ensure faster and more personalized services for consumers and enhanced agent productivity for the workforce. The ultimate enablement comes when a solution can offer functionality where chatbots and agents work seamlessly in a coherent manner.

Delivering 360 Degree Experience by Creating CX Memories  

With an outburst of Digital interaction channels, improving customer experience is important than ever. Simplifying the art of customer experience across multiple channels is a huge challenge for modern digital businesses. Customers do not want to be treated as strangers when they reach out for help to the businesses from whom they have bought product and services. So to ensure that a 360-degree sync is maintained across the mediums and systems businesses need the technology which supports the features like 360-degree customer view and unified agent desktop so that agents are able to deliver a holistic customer service without any glitches and hence create CX memories that stays with the customer.

Riding the wave of digital transformation, Middle Eastern businesses have a crucial task at hand of taking all these customer experience challenges heads-on and deliver on rising customer expectations. Leaders of the region’s growing businesses are coming together next week to discuss how technology and business processes can be synchronised in an agile way at the region’s prestigious conference Middle East Call Center Conference.

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