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Call Center Software for Business

The What, Why and How of Choosing the Best Call Center Software

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Understanding Call Centers

What is a Call Center?

A call center is a place where people known as call center agents/executives sit and make inbound and outbound calls with the help of call center software. These executives are responsible for taking care of any voice interactions that might come in. These phone operators cater to all the voice calls. The businesses make use of call centers as a means to provide customer support. Agents in a good call center are not just capable of answering the customer queries but also keeping a record for future analysis. 

Inbound Call Center

A business which encounters a lot of inquiries and customer request set up an inbound call center. In an inbound call center, the primary mode of answering customer queries is via phones. The inbound agents deal with those who are seeking technical support, answers to questions, issue resolution, or any other customer service issues.

Outbound Call Center

The need for an outbound call center arises when the call center agents make more calls than they receive. Even though here also, the main channel of communication is through voice calls, but, the agenda of setting up an outbound call center is usually sales focused. The call center agents make calls to prospects to pitch the product or service.

What is a Contact Center?

A contact center is a much larger entity than the call center. It’s not just about the size, but more so about the capability. A contact center is capable of handling omnichannel customer interaction i.e.whether the customer connects using social media, email, live chat or any other medium, the contact center agents are qualified to satisfactorily resolve these inquiries.

Differentiating between Call Center
and Contact Center

The world is moving from call centers towards contact centers. Even though these two terms are still used interchangeably, there are some significant differences between the two. Such as:

Call Center

  • Voice calls are the main channel of business communication
  • Target audience is more comfortable with conventional customer support.
  • Suitable for SMBs that are growing their businesses.
  • With Ameyo call center software, set up a call center which is feasible yet flexible.

Contact Center

  • Omnichannel business communication – social media, chat, email
  • Target audience is tech-savvy and comfortable with multiple modes of communication
  • Suitable for enterprises with high complaint volume across channels
  • Ameyo contact center suite for enterprise-level customer interaction management

Want to Build a Modernized and Future-Ready Contact Center?

When do you need a call center?

Having a call center is beneficial for the growth of the company as well as for customers and agents. But the big question remains, do you even need a call center or call software? Should you even make that kind of investment?
  • Your target audience prefers the conventional conversation channels

If your customers are not tech-savvy and prefer a voice call over an email/chat. For example, if you are selling products which have mass appeal, then that broadens the customer base. In such situations, it is advisable to go for phone conversations.

  • You need to walk the customers through the solution

For example, giving instructions for troubleshooting is more effective over a call than the customer reading through a manual. In case they are stuck on a step the customer can get an instant reply.

  • The customers are looking for instant gratification

When the customers don’t have the time to wait for a response and are looking for an immediate solution, phones are the best option. For instance, while making payment through a mobile wallet, due to some technical glitch the money was deducted but payment was not completed. This creates a sense of panic for the customer and she/he is looking to get an answer urgently.

  • The customers need a secure way of getting help

The customer has lost her/his credit card and wants to block it. Doing this over an email or chat won’t be a secure option. Moreover, when it comes to money matters, one likes to be hundred percent sure. The customer wants a confirmation that her/his card has actually been blocked. Thus, a call proves to be more effective.

  • High-quality customer service is your priority

Customers value the brands which value them. If customer service is top notch, so will be the customer loyalty. Businesses who are looking to set new standards in customer service, turn towards call centers as they can offer a convenient yet impactful channel of conversation for the customers. or

Let’s Talk Call Center Software

What is a Call Center Software?

A call center software is a technology that empowers your workforce to attend to incoming calls, make calls, monitor key call center metrics and basically deliver a wholesome customer service experience. Even though customers today have many channels at their disposal, phone calls have remained their primary preferred channel of communication.
With the advent of other channels and the customers embracing them with open arms, it has become imperative for the businesses to look an omnichannel call center software. Be it live chat, social media, SMS, email, phone calls, an omnichannel solution handles all these effectively to let the businesses map and identify the moments of truth in the customer journey.

Since an inbound call center is designed to primarily handle incoming calls, it requires a software which will enable the executives to handle the queries efficiently. An inbound call center software intelligently routes the customer to the most competent agent to handle the query. An inbound call center solution, powered with automatic call distributor (ACD)IVR and VQ pass, the customer’s waiting time reduces and so does the efficiency of the agents.

Be proactive and customer-ready at all times with an outbound call center software. B2B, banking, insurance sector players are the major beneficiaries of an outbound call center. Here, the number of agents is less compared to the number of calls to be made. A good outbound solution offers various dialers such as preview dialer and predictive dialer which can detect when there is a human on the line and when it’s an answering machine.

A virtual call center is primarily used in situations where the call center executives and agents are not centrally located but are spread across various geographies. A virtual call center improves efficient utilization of the resources along with enabling the organizations to cater to prospects and customers in different time zones. Moreover, since a virtual or cloud call center software is fast, scalable and secure it is a great option for startups and even mid-sized enterprises which are looking to save up on any overhead costs as in case of an on-premise setup.

Business Parameter On-premise Call Center On-Cloud Call Center
Time to Market Setting up an on-premise solution takes longer due to hardware purchase Shorter time to set up. Requires installation of apps and an internet connection
Cost Require upfront costs for hardware, licenses, and onsite servers Hardware cost reduced as the solution is hosted on cloud
Scalability Demands more time, effort and money Easily done across all setup locations
Reliability Might have more stable technology to help eliminate call lag or lower call quality High call quality when organizations have strong, reliable internet connections
Business Continuity Time lag due to manual switch over to a different server in case of a disaster Smoother transition and no lag in case of a disaster

Benefits of Having a Call Center Software

Customer Service Management

When a customer calls you, she/he is looking to get some answers. If in that situation, you make them wait or keep forwarding their call from agent to agent, it leaves a bad impression. With the right customer relationship management (CRM) software and other callcenter software solution offering, no customer interaction will be missed. The call center software routes the incoming call to the right agent based on the product or service, the location, language, etc. Moreover, in case of call transfer, the agents can do so without a lag or glitch. Thus, reducing the average hold time.

A call center software allows the call center manager and other business leaders to formulate strategic plans by providing detailed information. With this information at their disposal, the managers can make well-informed decisions. Some of the important reporting features are – live monitoring, report generation, campaign allotment among others.

Enhanced Productivity And Efficiency

Give a boost to the overall efficiency and productivity of the agents with a call center software solution. With the right agent enabling tools, they can efficiently handle all the incoming calls and make the outbound calls. Moreover, with the call center application software, routing becomes easier and the managers can also monitor the agents’ performance.

Better Communication

A good customer service call center software is the one which improves and encourages communication. Because, the better the communication, smoother the operations. A callcenter software solution improves accountability and responsibility among the agents. A structure is established which makes things transparent. The agents know what all tasks they need to perform and can also see where they stand in the scheme of things. This helps them to plan and track their actions to arrive at a fruitful conclusion.

Decreased Cost

When the productivity and efficiency improves, it is bound to decrease the cost as well. A complete call center suite integrated with dialers and IVRs further optimizes the cost by automating the calling process. The agents are no longer busy doing the mundane activities and get the time to cater to more important and urgent problems. Once, that is done, it will not just decrease overall cost but, will increase sales also.

Amazing Customer Experience

Customers’ experience becomes amazing when the call center agents are able to answer the customer query satisfactorily and without taking too much time. A call center software with a knowledge management system and the right call center integrations empowers the agents with relevant information. The agents have access to the conversation history that they can use to deliver a personalized customer experience. Having in-context conversations without the need to repeat themselves, will make the customer happy and loyal.

Must Have's for The Best Call Center Software


IVR for Self-Service

Empower your customers to solve their queries faster and with minimum effort by routing them to the right person or department.

Call Monitoring for Quality Assurance

Maintain high quality of agent-customer interaction by recording, barging, and snooping in on a call. Improve first call resolution by monitoring and supervising calls in real-time using dashboards.

CTI-CRM Integration

Integrate with various in-house and third part CRMs to fetch customer data in real-time and have an in-context conversation to give a personalized customer service experience.

Dialer for High Connect Rate

Save agents' time and increase connect rate using outbound dialer. Set-up the pacing ratio according to the available resources to optimize operations and improve productivity.

ACD for Skilled Routing

Connect your customers to the most qualified agent to handle that complaint in the first go itself to increase FCR and customer satisfaction.


Ensuring Business Continuity

No more downtime. Round the clock customer support and no auto-failover to ensure data security and constant high uptime even in case of a disaster or calamity.

Re-imagining Customer Experience - Call Center Software for Business

Call Center Software for Enterprise

For an enterprise, delivering a delightful customer experience has become a hygiene factor rather than a point of difference. They require a solution which takes care of all the possible channels through which their customers might try to contact them. The need is for a call center solution which can support multiple channels, cater to inbound and outbound calls, blended, and social campaigns. When a customer service call center software is able to meet these needs, it helps the call centers to become a strategic part of the company’s business. 

Call Center Software for Small and Medium Businesses (SME)

Just because a business is in the infancy stage, it does not mean they do not require a call center. On the contrary, if you want to make a sale or want to set the tone for excellent customer service experience, it is best to do it from day one. A small business does not hire a lot of people. They are usually working on a bootstrap model of business. But, as the business grows, so does the demand. The customers want a quick response. A call center software will enable just that. Whether the company outsources the call center operations or keep them in-house, the fact remains that with a call center in place, handling customer interactions (inbound/outbound) becomes a seamless activity.


The banking and financial institutions industry by nature demands a secure and robust technology. When it comes to any financial institute, they are bound by a lot of compliance requirements. A call software for this sector needs to have high uptime and should be extremely good with securing the customer data. There are multiple uses of the call center software solutions such as for collections and digital sales.

Travel and Hospitality

This industry has a tendency to frequently deal with urgent queries. Whether it is about checking the flight status or cancellation/booking a hotel room, the call center agents need to be quick on their feet while dealing with such issues. A call center software inbuilt with customized IVRs (for HNI customers) and multi-channel support enable the agents to deal with and resolve customer complaints faster. You cannot ask the customers and passengers to wait in high-pressure situations. Similarly, not dealing with a loyal customer on priority basis leaves a bad taste. Using the right call center solution, the businesses are able to intelligently route the customers, store data in a secure fashion as well as provide quick assistance to make it a delightful experience for the passengers.


Meet the ever-increasing customer demands with gusto by providing them with an effortless customer experience, using a customized call center software for business. Maintaining a database of customer information - name, last order, grievance history to effectively manage the customer issues in less time. Integrate with CRM to fetch information from the database to personalize conversations at every touchpoint, making the customer feel valued. Mobile apps powered by geolocation can also be used by the agents to find the customer’s location easily.


The healthcare sector has seen remarkable advancements at the hands of cutting-edge technology. This has raised customers and patient expectations. Today, the hospitals and other medical facilities are expected and required to have a seamless communication channel. Especially in an industry like this, one cannot afford to have miscommunication or disjointed conversations. With a call center software for healthcare which comes with customizable IVR and ACD, the patients, as well as their near and dear ones, can easily book appointments. The IVR and ACD will route the calls to the right department and make the whole process simpler. Same is true when dealing with medical insurance and other ancillary functions in the business of medicine.


Help your clients be the best in customer support. Call center software for BPOs is useful to easily onboard new customers, handle inbound calls, make outbound calls with all-inclusive integrations for operational efficiency. A flexible call center solution not just optimizes the costs of operations but is also easily scalable. Encourage self-service to reduce dependencies and increase accountability among the agents. With live monitoring and real-time dashboards, the call center managers can keep an eye on the call center metrics. This will help them in managing the call center operations in such a way that increases agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Conversation Channels of Choice


Some customers feel more comfortable talking to a person than write an email. Even though a phone call is comparatively more expensive than an email or chat, customers more than twice as likely to prefer to talk to a person via the phone than they are via email when solving more complex problems.


Sending out an email is a better option while explaining something in detail. In case of FAQs or step-by-step guide that the customer might need for future reference, it is better to do it via a written mode of communication such as an email. The agents can also use customized templates for a professional and consistent response.


The customers want an instant response to their queries. Live chat is the best solution for that. Whether its web-chat or in-app chat, the customers can interact with agents in real-time. This improves the complaint resolution rate. With the advent of artificial intelligence, chat as a medium has evolved too. Now, chatbots are available which are capable of handling mundane queries efficiently and thus, freeing the agents to take care of more important issues.


Short Message Service (SMS) is the middle ground between a phone call and a live chat. There can be some time lag between the time the complaint is raised and first response, but it still might be better than in case of an email. There are message templates available with custom fields to deliver a personalized message for better engagement and satisfaction.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, LINE, Viber, you name it and people are using some or the other social media platform. They are a convenient way for the customers to reach out and the agents to answer the inquiries faster. Moreover, the fact that it is public, gives it an edge over other channels. Here, the agents can address a number of customers with the same query at once. Thus, reducing effort and improving agent productivity.

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