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Simplifying your Call Center operations

Quick and Seamless Setup

No more extensive setups and huge investment costs. Do away with all that with a cloud call center software. As for any existing pbx system or third-party systems in place, you can simply integrate with Ameyo’s feature-rich call center calling software to be efficient and proactive. Just get a laptop and internet connection and you are all ready to rock your customer service conversations.

Automate The Dialing Mechanism

Do away with laborious manual dialing with call center auto-dialer and features such as a click to call. Simply upload the lead list and let the dialing mechanisms do the rest. Ameyo offers a wide range of call center dialer – predictive dialer, preview dialer, the most intelligent PACE (Pro-active Connect Enhancer) to further increase the sales conversions and call connect rate.

Empower Your Call Center Agents

Allow your agents to multi-task from a single screen without having to switch between multiple tabs. With Ameyo Call Center Software telephony panel the agent can perform an array of tasks like putting the call on hold, call transfer, call conferencing, etc. Additionally, the agent self-monitoring tool provides them with their performance metrics to get a better understanding of their productivity.


Record Every Call

Automatically record all your incoming and outgoing calls to be used for training and compliance purposes. Since all the calls are recorded safely, the data is preserved and can be listened to at a later stage with call center call monitoring tools. Ameyo’s voicelogger and voice archiver allow the businesses of any sizes to keep call logs for an even longer duration.

Monitor to Measure

You need to know what is happening before you can think of improving. Call center monitoring tools to track and measure your call center metrics (average call handling time, numbers of active agents, average hold time, number of customers in the queue, etc.) in real-time to get the complete picture of the operations to make faster decisions. At the same time, a call center reporting software allows you to schedule and get the reports delivered to the respective stakeholders.

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Helpdesk Ticketing System

Take Customer Support to the Next Level

Provide the agents with a consolidated view of the customer. Channel specific icons for easy understanding of the channel via which the customer has contacted. At the same time, agents can easily respond to an email, call, chat or a social media post/tweet from a single screen itself. Ameyo’s helpdesk software helps the customer support executives to be on top of their game.

Set automation rules for the lifecycle of a ticket using a ticketing system that lets you perform multiple actions upon a ticket. From sending a notification to the agent when a new ticket is created to dropping the customer an acknowledgment and providing the manager channel-wise reports, Ameyo ticketing software can do it all. These reports and corresponding dashboards make decision making faster and more effective.

Give customers the freedom to contact you from any channel. Be it a phone call, email, live chat, social media or WhatsApp - be there for your customers. With Ameyo Fusion CX, never miss an interaction by automatically creating a new ticket for every interaction. Also, the agents can perform various ticketing actions such as picking, merging, splitting, transferring and/or reassigning a ticket to maximize customer satisfaction and optimize helpdesk operations.

Handle critical support tickets first by sorting them based on pre-decided parameters such as status of the ticket, SLA of the ticket, the priority of the ticket, number of unanswered messages and customer’s emotional state, using heat maps. Based on the weightage assigned to these parameters, the heat map will color code the tickets to help the agents to pick the urgent and critical tickets (red-colored) first rather than non-critical ones (yellow or green colored)

Boost your last mile ticket resolution using the Ameyo field agent app by making the tickets available to your field agents on their mobile. With the app, the agents can view the tickets assigned to them, update the status, can view the customer’s comment on the ticket and even get directions to the customer’s location for faster resolution.

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Customer Engagement Solution for Enterprises


Banking and Financial Services

Whether you’re an enterprise in the banking, insurance or investment domain, providing seamless and delightful customer service can be a challenge. With Ameyo call center software, get all your customer data on a single platform in a secure manner to give your agents easy access to all the relevant customer information such as the product portfolio, communication preferences, and their interaction history to deliver a personalized offer and overall customer experience.


Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited

Learn how a leading bank scaled its operations while delivering exceptional customer experience

Healthcare & Medical Facilities

For an advanced and patient-centric medical organization, delivering personalized convenient and quick patient support is a big deal. Moreover, the health of a patient is a critical matter and one cannot afford to make mistakes. This calls for a solution which not only enables the customer service executives to handle the patient and their family’s queries effectively but does so while integrating with any existing system or software. Ameyo offers an all-in-one call center software for healthcare to allow healthcare organizations to enhance their customer engagements and overall patient experience.


Parkway Health Laboratory Services

Learn how Parkway Health Laboratory Services delivered delightful patient experience with robust inbound-outbound call management system


Bring speed and efficiency to your contact center by having in-context conversations by making all the caller history available to the agent. Moreover, reduce the average call handling time and increase the first call resolution by intelligently route callers to the agent best suited to address their needs. Exceed customer expectations while keeping a keen eye on your BPO operations using Ameyo’s easy to use and quick to deploy call center solution.

Telekom Malaysia

Learn how Telekom Malaysia boosted its business operations across the globe


Make sure the shoppers receive the support they need – whenever and from wherever they are interacting with your brand. You can do this by getting all of the shoppers’ information along with pulling together data from all departments of your organization such as billing, inventory, preferences and logistic management and providing the same to your customer service representatives. With Ameyo call center calling software you can deliver seamless and consistent brand experiences on the channel of their choosing. By doing this you ensure you have happy and repeat customers.



Learn how DHL achieved more than 17% of overall incremental while handling large call volumes & complex call flows

Travel and Hospitality

The hospitality and travel sector has to be one of the most customer-centric industries as the job of the people here is to make the traveler or customer’s experience comfortable. Get the traveler’s profile -itinerary, ticket bookings, travel insurance details, and hotel booking at your finger-tips to help the customer with whatever they need. Ameyo’s omnichannel contact center software allows you to be there for your customers – around the clock and on their preferred channel. You can even provide your VIP customers with a direct line to ensure they get priority and thus, gain their trust and loyalty.


Learn how D’COST leveraged multi-channel customer feedback to excel at customer support

Our Cutting Edge Call Center Software Features

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interact with callers and route them to suitable agent based on their input

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

Transfer inbound calls to the right agent, team or department

Self-service Options

Eliminate the need to be dependent on agents to seek customer support

Routing Algorithms

Skill-based, preferred agent, geography-based call routing for first call resolution

Interaction Designer

Design your IVR flow for best customer experience

VQ pass

Hold the caller’s queue position even after disconnecting the call

Auto Dialer

No more manual dialing for more call connects and sales conversion

Predictive Dialer

Auto-dial the numbers based on the lead list for better agent productivity

Preview Dialer

View customer information prior to dialing the number for an informed conversation


Know the best time to call your prospects to increase your chances of converting the lead

Unified Agent Desktop (UAD)

Single screen to call, send an email, have chat, tweet and manage their operations

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Have in-context conversations by viewing relevant customer details


Agents can monitor their performance – number of calls handles, time on break, etc


A simple click on the contact number to place the call

Single View of Customer

Track the complete customer interaction journey to offer a holistic customer experience

Live Monitoring

Real-time visibility of call center metrics such as AHT, call drops, ideal agents


Measure and monitor operations using graphs other near-real-time data

Call Quality Monitoring

Snoop, barge, whisper, confer on an active call to ensure call quality

Voice logger

By default record, all inbound and outbound calls for quality and training purposes

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