Omnichannel Automation

Automate the flow of conversations with Omni Routing

Empower your Team to Drive Continuous Conversations and Streamline Interactions with Omnichannel Automation for Faster Service Delivery

Mapping Context From Interactions To Conversation

Viewing all the inter-related interactions clubbed under single conversation can help the business to maintain the context and assist agents to engage in a personalized manner. Ameyo’s Conversation Resolver functionality automatically checks whether the incoming interaction from any channel is related to an already existing conversation. If yes, then the new interaction is auto-appended to the existing conversation and routed to the agent already handling that conversation.


Intelligent Omni Routing for Faster Response

Save time and resources by intelligently auto-routing incoming interactions from different channels to the right agent based on agent’s skill, workload, customer category, priority or persona to ensure a quick resolution. In addition to the basic routing rules like Skill Based and Least Recently Used routing, Ameyo Omni’s advanced routing capabilities include Preferred Agent routing, Dedicated Agent routing or routing based on the inputs from third-party or back-end system. By implementing smart routing automation, managers spend less time handling escalations and can focus more on operations.

Streamline Workflows with Automation Rules

Set automation rules based on event and time-related triggers by defining the criteria to check a conversation for automating an action like conversation assignment to an agent, send notification or email, etc. With Ameyo Omni, you can streamline workflows by automating powerful and complex business rules. Event-Based Rules are evoked when a specified event occurs, for example – a high-priority customer interaction is created or a conversation is re-opened. Time-Based Rules are implemented when a condition takes place during the course of time, for example – how much time the conversation has before the SLA breach.


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Omnichannel Conversations

Effortlessly converse with your customers on the channel of their preference.


Manage Customer Journey

Map the journey of the customers across touchpoints regardless of channel of communication.


Reporting & Dashboards

Monitor, schedule, and report all your customer interactions for further improvements.

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