Conversations’19: Our New Way to Explore the Opportunities

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Coversations’19 has been amazing to Ameyo!
After a successful journey in Africa and the Middle East, Coversations’19 knocked on the door in APAC to bring in the booming change in the face of Contact Centers. From Malaysia to the Philippines and Cambodia, our team of customer engagement experts has walked around the globe to help businesses unleash the secret to customer win through simplifying their customers’ journey.
We’re happy to mention that it was a collective achievement for the company and hence appreciate the efforts of some key people who actively indulged in the events- Sachin Bhatia, Rahul Zutshi, Binzad Aliar, Shobhit Gupta, Nikhil Sharma, and Deepak Basavraj from the Ameyo family went beyond all boundaries to explore the painstaking aspects of various businesses in APAC. Through Conversations’19, we got a fair chance to communicate with people who were actually looking out for a major drift in the way how contact centers work. The events were highly cherished in all three regions of APAC and got gigantic admiration from our respective technology partners, prospects, as well as customers.
With Ameyo’s omnichannel contact center solution, we were able to make businesses in APAC understand the virtues of modern customer engagement strategies to ace the market competition like a boss! People loved how Ameyo’s solutions- Voice, Omni, and Fusion CX have got excellent features around informed conversations, single view of customer interactions through various platforms, accurate reporting, robust monitoring and analytics, and of course, not to be overlooked highly capable automated dialers.

Conversations’19 in Malaysia

Our preferred channel partner- Tommy Ng, Sales Director at Microtel Technology has embarked on this superb journey with his experience in the industry. He addressed the audience and shared his thoughts on how contact centers in Malaysia can improve their customer engagements with advanced contact center software. He talked on how Ameyo’s modern call center software can be true companion for businesses who’re endeavoring on improving their overall call center operations and CSAT. Here’s a glimpse of the event.

Conversations’19 in Philippines

The Philippines alone has got a huge hub of renowned BPOs. These BPOs are consistently putting efforts in modernizing the call center technology in order to provide their customers with unremitting customer service and sales operations. It was an absolute pleasure to be there, exchanging views on improving customer experience and engagement. From our loyal customers like Ian Madrid, CEO of SP Madrid, to preferred channel partners like Cornelius Macalino from CYN Solutions made the event a sure-shot win! Here’s a glimpse, have a look!

Conversations’19 in Cambodia

Conversations’19 turned out to be great in Cambodia with our preferred channel partner Erya Hounheng from Advanced MSP. It was truly amazing how we got to share some insightful thoughts and ideas in a way that attendees loved to implement in their existing business operations. Ameyo’s omnichannel solutions were highly appreciated and we owe this success to our technology partners. Here’s a glimpse of the event, see how it won hearts!

Conversations’19 was a great start for Ameyo in every way and we look forward to keeping it going to help businesses from other corners of the world as well. Stay tuned to Ameyo for latest updates on contact center software.