How To Choose The Right Call Center Dialer For Your Business

Call Center Dialer

According to Data and Research firm TOPO, on an average, it takes 18 dials to connect with the potential buyer. Picture this in an ideal call center scenario. What you will see is the hapless call center agents only dialing out the numbers! The phone is still the most preferred channel of communication and if your agents are going to spend the majority of their time dialing the numbers, their productivity will definitely go for a toss. Agents should be doing what they are best at – talking to the prospects and customers instead of getting tangled in the task of manually dialing numbers.

To rescue the call center agents from this harrowing task of manual dialing, technology comes into the picture by enabling automation of the dialing process via call center dialer. A dialer is a software which dials multiple contact numbers from a list at once and passes on the connected calls to the available agents. Per the research data, a dialer can increase call center agent talk time up by 300%. A dialer software not only automates the dialing process but brings intelligence and analytics to the outbound calling process to improve call center efficiency and agent productivity. With technological advancement, there has been a continuous improvement in the capabilities of an auto dialer, and hence there is an array of call center dialers available to suit the different call center requirement.

Types of Auto Dialers Available

For more enhanced outbound calling to suit the needs of a call center, let’s have a look at the various types of auto dialers and their capabilities:

Predictive Dialer 

It is a type of auto dialer where the system dials the numbers from a list simultaneously, without a live agent on the line, and when a call is answered on the other end, it automatically routes the call to an available agent

Power Dialer

It is a type of outbound dialer where the agent activates the calling session and is active on the line and as soon as a call answered, he answers the call. Since the agent is already available throughout the calling session, there is no call transfer required.

Preview Dialer

It is a type of call center dialer which provides the related contact information from the database in a screen pop-up before an agent makes a call. In this type of dialing system, agents select which contact to call with an option to skip contacts.

Key Factors for Choosing the Right Call Center Dialer

If you are looking to automate the dialing process in your contact center, it is crucial to understand which type of dialer is best suited for your business before investing in the dialer technology. Every business is unique and has its own needs and constraints, so evaluate your business requirement on the following factors before you decide to put in your money in any call center dialing system.

1. Type of Call Center Process

Before setting up a dialer system, the foremost thing is to clearly define the call center process that you want to automate. For instance, do you want your agents to generate leads through outbound dialing or you want your agents to nurture and close leads in the specific time frame? Both these scenarios call for a different type of dialer software in place. In case of high volume calling to get immediate gains like lead qualification, a predictive or power dialer is best suited. On the other hand, for low call volume process like following up on warm sales leads for closure or high attention processes like debt collection the best choice would be a preview dialer, which gives the agent a prior context before calling to ensure better conversations and higher lead conversion.

2. Number of Agents

Size of a contact center has great impact on the type of dialer to be deployed for your business. If you have large to a mid-size call center with a fairly good number of agents and a large list of contacts to reach out, an initial good option would be a predictive dialer to churn the list to filter for qualified leads. As predictive dialing helps in reducing agent idle time it is a preferred choice to improve efficiency. For a small call center with few dedicated agents and limited lines, a power dialer would be the comparatively better choice as the agent would be available on-line all the time to answer connected calls.
Also, if your process required high context driven conversation with increased ROI then irrespective of the number of agents, preview dialer is the best option for your business.

3. Type of Target Customers or Prospects

Call Center dialer should always be determined in tandem with your target customer type as a wrong dialer can take a toll on your business and hit your bottom-line. For instance, predictive dialers should not be used for high-value prospects as they require close attention driven approach to calling. Secondly, for most B2B businesses where a sophisticated sales approach is required to get past the gatekeepers, a power dialer is a better option. And as mentioned earlier high detail prospects should only be called via preview dialer to move them across the sales funnel backed by context driven conversations.

4. Type of Lead Source

How do you call your leads generated from specific lead sources to have a bearing on your lead conversion rate? If you are investing huge amounts in lead generation from the web or other expensive sources like events then special treatment is required to ensure that no lead is wasted. Such leads should either be handled via power dialer where a dedicated agent is always available to answer connected calls and apply sales skills to navigate through. Or a preview dialer is also a good option to nurture leads which have a longer sales cycle with a higher return on investment.
In addition to the above stated key factors, while selecting an auto dialer for your call center,  you should evaluate the dialer software for easy scalability and integration capability with other call center software features like CRM integration, IVR and lead management functionality to run smooth contact center operations.
If you are still in dilemma of choosing the right auto dialer for your business, do let us know in the comment section below and our contact center experts will help you evaluate and select the right dialer.