Why Does Your Call Center Need a Dialer Software?


Call centers are hard pressed for time with a constant need to improve agent productivity. And since the call centers have to manage various processes and campaigns ranging from cold calling to lead generation to nurturing, doing manual dialing does not cut it. It only makes the agent’s job tedious and their efforts wasted while dealing with repetitive queries. Keeping this in mind, businesses deploy dialer software for call center. These auto dialer software have transformed the outbound operations of a call center. 

There are many call center dialers available – predictive dialers, preview dialers, progressive dialers and one can choose the best option according to the business and communication needs. However, enterprises need to fully understand the benefits of dialer software.

Automate your Calling

Call center agents have to make and receive calls day-in and day-out. Having an auto dialer system for call center means no more manual dialing which translates into increased agent productivity. Manually dialing the numbers have various ill effects like misdialing, fatigue, wastage of time, call drops, etc. By automating this task, you are freeing up the agents to handle more critical queries. At the same time , have a sophisticated dialing mechanism detects answering machines which in turn improves 

Reduce Idle Time

One of the key reasons for automation is decreasing the agent’s idle time. Without that, the agents waste time on busy tones, disconnected or unanswered calls. An intelligent dialer will identify when the caller has been connected and then only will patch the agent to the call. Thus, reducing agent’s wait time and freeing them to utilize the time productively to manage other call center operations. 

Smart Lead Management

A sophisticated dialer software filters the leads to eliminate any unproductive contact numbers such as non-existent, answering machines, do not disturb (DND), etc. Additionally, you can also integrate with an existing lead management software to further improve your call connects. Supervisors can further improve lead generation and management by importing the contacts into the system. Integration with the CRM also helps to nurture the leads better and allow the agents to have better, qualified interactions.

Increased Lead Conversion

With advanced automatic dialers such as PACE, know the best time to call, set time zones, and use other intelligence to increase your conversion rate. Using these features your call center agents will call the right customer at the right time. Similarly, a preview dialer shows the agents customer information prior to dialing the numbers. This empowers the agents to customize their sales pitch and in turn improve their sales conversions.

Lower Operational Cost

Dialer software for outbound call center can boost sales, but there is an added advantage too aka the cost benefits. Now, fewer outbound calls need to be made for better results, while needing fewer agents to manage those calls. Reducing or eliminating agent idle time, customer call abandonment rate, call drops along with having customer intelligence lead to reduction in costs while increasing the profits. A complete call center suite offers an additional benefit of not purchasing a separate CRM or other overhead costs.

Faster you connect, the better the chances of a favourable outcome. With an outbound dialer, businesses can engage with the customers and prospects effectively to deliver a good experience. Post our discussion today, there is no denying the benefits of call center dialer. But the job does not end here. After identifying the need, the next step is to choosing the most suitable solution for your business.