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Cloud Based Contact Center Features

Grow your business by gaining customer loyalty with a world-class cloud based call center solutions.

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PCI-DSS Compliant
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ISO 27001 Certified
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ISO/IEC 27018 Certified

Voice Services for Cloud Based Contact Center

Cloud Telephony Solutions capabilities to transform calls into customer engagement opportunities and maximize customer reach with
smart routing options
Auto Dialer
Better connect rates with three types of dialers – Progressive Dialer, Preview Dialer, Predictive Dialer
Enable voice communication between agent browser and call server
On- call options

Features like hold, mute, transfer and conference are available to ensure a professional experience is exhibited during customer calls.


Allow agents to automatically dial customer numbers by a single click of a button to eliminate the need for manual dial

Call Disposition

Configure call disposition options so that the details of every call are retained and is made available to all the stakeholders. 

Intelligent Routing capabilities of Cloud Contact Center

Steer the callers in the direction of the right agents to resolve the complaint faster with cloud-based solution

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Allow the customers to choose to help themselves. Eg, payment or ask for an agent’s assistance
Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

Connect the callers to the best-suited agent based on skill, IVR options, and other factors

Number Masking
Ensure customer privacy and retain business by encrypting the customer’s and vendor’s number
Preferred Agent Routing

Direct customer to specific agents based on parameters such as, the agent who interacted with the caller within a custom time

Forward to Personal Phone

Forward calls to mobile phones or landlines so that your agents are always available even when they are working from home.

Setup Your Work from Home Ready Call Center in 48 hours!

Agent Empowerment

Arm the agents to handle all types of customer queries on cloud-based contact center

Knowledge Base
A bank of information the agents can refer to resolve the queries quickly and satisfactorily
Lead Prioritization
Sort and filter data based on custom parameters and attend to urgent queries on priority
Single View of Customer

Get a 360-degree view of all the customer interactions to make sure the agents are well informed and capable of handling the queries effectively


Seamlessly integrate Ameyo Engage with your business tool to ensure that all customer data is available in one interface

Sugar CRM

Synchronize your processes with Sugar CRM to access all the relevant information of the customer to ensure a delightful experience


Arm the agents with updated information and provide reps the power and flexibility to quickly search for a customer service request by integrating with Zendesk.


Form rapport with the customers by allowing the agents to view all the customer details using Ameyo Engage integration for Zoho 


Integrate Ameyo Engage with Freshdesk to deliver a seamless customer experience with an exceptional experience by equipping agents with everything at their fingertips.

Reporting and Monitoring

Voice Logger

Keep a record of all your inbound and outbound calls to use for compliance, training, and improvement

Real-Time Monitoring

Allow managers and supervisors to monitor real-time conversations between customer and agent.

Supervisor Dashboard

Assess the performance of your team on relevant metrics such as Schedule Adherence, Average Handle Time, First Call Resolution rate

Peak-hour Control

Allow the managers to ensure agents are available and ready to take calls during rush hours


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