How to Choose the Right Call Center Software?

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Today’s market is filled with call center software providers that fight for your business. It is critical that you are not blinded by their sales pitches and fancy promises that they make, but be rational when choosing the right call center software that is going to power your customer service.

Broadly the three pillars of such businesses are:

  • Business Development and Customer management
  • Quality of Agents and operations
  • Connectivity and Technology

Historically, these start-ups are mostly entrepreneur driven businesses and micromanagement of all the three pillars is done by a one-man team. Such entrepreneurs instead must focus on Business Development and customer management rather than operations and fire-fighting of technology issues. The latter should ideally be handled by hiring good resources or finding good technology partners.

However cash-flow problems and stringent budgets in a small setup push entrepreneurs to curtail expenses on basic contact center infrastructure and agent quality, and thus the entrepreneur is always left to managing the operations internally rather than focusing on business development.

Contact centers are primarily ITeS, and IT obviously plays one of the most important roles among the three pillars. Therefore it should not be compromised to below hygiene levels. We at Ameyo are operating in call center software domain since the past many years and our experience says it’s mostly due to erroneous focus and poor technology specifically in terms of IT infrastructure and connectivity that leads to premature business death.

Technology options available:

Globally Renowned Solutions: What makes them an unpopular choice among the contact centers is the cost implications with each seat costing around $2K+ dollars including other add on costs like software OS/DB/Server licenses or hardware implications. Recurring service and maintenance costs are additional pain areas.

Free or White Labelled Solutions: These are almost free solutions that can be downloaded off the internet and sold or white labeled by few companies at costs as low as $500 for limitless licenses in a setup costing up to only $200 per seat. They are not meant for serious business and are at most a short term fix. Sales or engineering oriented teams download an open-source solution and either sell it as a service or in most cases illegally white-label it in their name. The companies selling this freeware usually deploy onsite engineers who do very frequent site visits only to simply reboot the server and restart the application rather than fixing the bugs.

So the bottom line is that the right solution should be one which offers:

1) Robustness and Reliability

2) Intelligence – Predictive Dialer, ACD systems, AMD, Lead Management, Call Back Management, CTI, Supervision and Reporting, Voice Quality and VoIP Handling, Dynamic IVR.

3) Return on Investment

Ameyo provides a comprehensive suite of features at amazingly low cost. We provide software-based solutions which minimize the hardware costs drastically.

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