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How to Choose the Right Call Center Software?


Have you ever wondered how difficult it could be to choose the right call center software for your business? You probably have come to the conclusion that your team needs an effective solution but how to dive right into the best call center software remains the struggle. Now, traditional calling and emailing do not suffice your customers’ needs, worry no more, you have reached the right place. Let’s put an end to your search with the best ways to choose the right call center solution.
Let’s dive in!

Type of Call Center Deployment

Each business has its unique needs and so should be your call center software solution. There are 2 types of Call center software deployment options available for you to choose from.

Cloud Call Center Software

A cloud based call center software is hosted over the internet and provides you the flexibility to work across multiple locations. It is highly scalable and reliable call center solution that your business will need if you are a start-up and looking to expand your business in different geographies.
It’s an easy-to-deploy solution that allows your agents to work from anywhere and gives access to the supervisors to monitor the agents’ performance irrespective of the work location.

On-premise Call Center Solution

An on-premise call center solution requires hardware and software installation within the physical office space where you get control of the entire data. On-premise or legacy call center softwares may take a longer time to deploy and is heavily dependent on the IT infrastructure maintenance.
Not only it is location restricted, but it also becomes a cost heavy software when a business is looking for scalability. However, for BFSIs, Government Institutions, this calling software is advantageous as it provides full control of the data to the governing body.

Must have Call Center Software Features

Yes, you need to carefully devise the features that your outbound and inbound call center software will need. Now that you have decided on the type of call center software solution you need for your team, you can list the common features that your contact center should have:


Automatic Call Distributor is a must have to intelligently route the calls to the right customer service reps and ensure first contact resolution. This provides you the flexibility to define routing rules on parameters like skill-based routing, persona-based routing, customer’s preferred agent routing, and behavioral-pattern based routing.


You need to configure if your calling software lets you build a personalized IVR and customize it according to your business needs. After careful observation of the behavioral pattern, you can customize a self-assisting IVR, allowing you to resolve almost 80% of queries with agentless customer service.

Auto Dialer

Outbound call center software dialer enables you to optimize your outbound calling process and helps you to increase your agents’ productivity. How? It’s simple math! Your agents, while manually dialing, reaches to 15 calls out of 100, but with an automated dialer software, your agents won’t have to spend time in manual dialing and waiting for the customer to respond.
Autodialer automatically routes only those calls to the agents that are answered by a human being, thus saving some time for your agents while they focus on important customer queries.

Call Monitoring

No, you cannot compromise on your business’ productivity, and to analyze the business performance, you definitely need to monitor the call quality. Your call center software should provide real-time call quality monitoring capabilities, ensuring that you can provide on-call assistance to your agents.
Supervisors, with flexible features, can snoop, whisper, confer, and transfer the call to resolve customer queries instantly and increase customer satisfaction.

Reporting & Dashboards

You need a comprehensive view of business-specific metrics like average call handling time, agents’ login time, no. of inbound and outbound calls, call waiting duration, etc to analyze the campaign-specific performance. These reports, with a statistical overview, give the supervisors a quick glance into the campaign performance.

Flexible Agents’ User Interface

Business, while looking for the best call center solution, often miss on checking the flexibility of the user interface. Contact center agents are the building blocks of any business and to make your agents’ life easy, you need the right set of features.

Unified Agent Desktop

Your agents are the most valuable assets and if they are spending most of their time in switching between multiple tabs to retrieve customer’s information, they might take a longer time to respond to the customers’ requests, leading to higher average handling time. This can be well managed if you have software that has a unified agent desktop that allows the users to find all customer-related information in a single intuitive interface.
The customer query resolution will be paced up and agents won’t be tied around with multiple tabs to operate.


Now, this may not be a feature that you look for while choosing the call center software for your business. But, let me tell you why it can be one of the most important features that your agents would really like to be provided with.
Humans are prone to making mistakes and with a click-to-dial functionality, you can knock out human error, allowing the agents to dial out to the customer by just clicking on the contact number present in their interface.
This way, you reach the right customer for the first time without having to dial the wrong number.

Quick Call Functionalities

Agents may not have all the relevant information that the customer is requesting. Now, if agents have the feature to transfer the call to a fellow agent or supervisor, put the call on hold or mute, and initiate an internal chat with the internal team, their productivity might increase.
Especially in a remote working environment, agents might need assistance from the managers to resolve the queries.
Additionally, selecting from the two-level call disposition, it makes it easier for agents to summarise the outcome of the call and add call notes for further follow-ups.

Enterprise-Grade CRM Integrations

One must have call center feature is integration with in-house or third-party CRM that truly transforms your contact center into a powerhouse of great business productivity. CRM integration allows your agents to get a holistic view of the customer’s past interactions, their buying behavior, which helps them preserve the context of the conversation.


In a Nutshell

Finding the right call center software solutions for your team can be difficult but we can solve it for you. With the aforementioned features, you can maximize your teams’ productivity.
Looking to set up a call center solution for your business? Schedule a demo to get in touch with our team of experts today!


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