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How to Choose the Right Contact Center Software for your Startup


Startup struggles are very much real and they keep inflating. But, much of the pain can be alleviated by simply choosing the right tools and softwares. Since, we have already figured the reasons why your startup should invest in a cloud contact center software. Let’s get down to real business.

How do you evaluate or select the right software for your startup?

The short answer is it really depends. While there isn’t really a simple step-by-step process to choosing the right contact center software, there are a number of things that you should consider before taking the leap.

In this post, we will walk you through the factors that a startup should consider before investing in a cloud contact center software.

#1. Contact Center Software Features

A lot of contact center softwares offer the most common features like Interactive Voice Response, Automatic Call Distributor, Intelligent Routing, Call Monitoring, Auto Dialer, Reporting and Analytics. But, things have changed now. Customers are continuously brewing the next wave of technological revolution to address their rising needs. So, it’s critical that your contact center software is treading towards technological innovation. The new fad  contact center features that startups eye on are:

#2. Omnichannel Capabilities

Customers today are a mixture of various population cohorts that have different perspectives on customer service and experience. One thing that is common among them is that they never stick to one channel while communicating with companies. Millennials, for example, prefer communicating with companies via email and chat, and would escalate issues on social media to vent out their frustration. Companies should make sure that customer context is never lost across channels and provide consistent and seamless customer experience regardless of the channel the customer opts.

#3. Scalability

One important factor to consider is the extent of scalability the software offers. You will have to make sure that your software can scale along with your business needs and requirements and with ease. If the process of scaling up is tedious and time-consuming, move on to the next option.

#4. Ease of Deployment

A cloud contact center platform gives you the luxury of easy deployment. However, not all cloud contact center softwares are the same. Some roll out in a matter of seconds, and some take days. One thing to ensure is that the deployment does not impede your customer support process; i.e, maintain business continuity.

#5. Price

Early on, it is important to establish the price you are willing to pay for the licenses you intend to purchase from a provider. But, there are a few more things to consider when you are exploring the pricing elements in the software – telecommunication charges, business phone number, agent licence costs and implementation costs to name a few. Since, cloud platform are recurringly priced, companies have the option to stretch the budget a little more to purchase the right software.

#6. Customizability

It’s very common among startups to have similar business models, but their modus operandi and business operations would be different. The means you opt to communicate with your customers and the kind of information you store could be different from another startup. Therefore, it is critical that the software you choose is able to tailor to your business and communication needs.

#7. Ease of Use

You don’t want your agents to struggle with the software. Ask the provider for a free trial, take the software for a spin and see whether the user interface is comprehensible and simple while navigating. Afterall, they are the primary users of the solution.

Startups are vulnerable in the initial few years of conception. Every decision that you make can have an exponential impact on the business. So, make sure you keep these 7 factors in mind before selecting a contact center software, and you are halfway there.


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