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Cost-saving and revenue optimization have become the buzzwords in present times with most enterprises finding it profitable to outsource their peripheral functions. It makes business sense to let a dedicated and specialized firm handle these needs.

Outsourcing firms which take up these tasks are faced with issues of delivering superior service at only a fraction of the cost to sustain competitiveness and provide internal profitability. A right contact center solution can enable BPOs to increase their interaction volumes while automating routine functions amidst issues of workforce efficiency, deployment flexibility, scalability and delivering enhanced customer experience.

AEMYO provides a perfectly suited solution for the BPO industry which needs to run efficient processes while providing superior service quality. Effective technology solutions from AMEYO lower costs while managing end-to-end agent productivity with no compromise on enhancing customer interaction experience across all channels, thereby leading to increased business and higher revenues.

AMEYO enables BPO's to become a strategic link in the value chain of its customers. Allowing for integration with the CRM, ERP and Workflow solutions most commonly used in the industry. AMEYO's solutions help the deploying enterprise achieve a highly profitable interoperability. Multiple campaigns (inbound, outbound, multimedia), real time supervision, reports, quality control, call-recording, remote access, predictive dialling and CTI integration are some of the advanced functionalities enabled by AMEYO's solutions.

AMEYO offers highly relevant features like multiple campaign management, improved productivity via outbound automated dialing, reporting and supervision functionalities and 24X7 customer service support available via multi-channel interaction media. The benefits achieved include cent percent compliance with SLA adherence, increased profitability, reduced operating costs, reduced agent turnover rates and maximization of agent productivity.

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