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Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

Route calls to best suited agents for first call resolution with flexible and robust automatic call distributor.

Flexible ACD Call Routing Algorithms

Make Automatic Call Distributor direct software your own by getting the complete freedom to decide how and whom do you want to route and where with acd call routing. With a powerful nodeflow designer to back it up – Ameyo Call Center Solution offers extreme flexibility when it comes to defining the call routing algorithms. You can decide the best routing mechanism based on CRM data, IVR selection, business hours and agent skills to optimize each caller’s experience.


Customer Persona - based Routing

Do not keep your VIP customers waiting for long in the queue. Shorten the IVR playback along with call routing them to the appropriate agent faster. Provide them with a hotline to directly get connected to the agent in minimum time. Similarly, you can also prioritize within these customers to ensure that the high net worth customers are attended to first in case of high call volume with Automatic Call Distributor.

Behavioral or Transaction Based Call Routing

Intelligently route the customers with Automatic Call Distributor software, based on their recent transactions or behavioral history. So, the customer who has recently made a purchase will be played a different IVR and will be routed to a different queue as compared to someone who has not purchased recently. In case of latter, you can play some product offers.


Preferred Agent Routing

ACD Route the customers to the same agent they talked to within the configurable time period with call routing algorithms. That is, if an agent was connected with a customer, and she/he calls again within the configurable time, the preference will be given to route the customer to the same agent they talked to earlier. The agent will already be well-informed about the issue and thus, take less time to resolve it.

Emergency Call Routing

In case of critical issues, throw the call to all and any available agent irrespective of their skill or transaction/behavior of the customer. This is particularly helpful in situations when you cannot afford to make the customer wait or when any delay can have major consequences like in the case of the healthcare sector with Automatic Call Distributor.




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Auto Dialer

Automate dialing process to power up your outbound customer interactions and improve call center agent productivity.


Call Monitoring

Monitor agents by listening their live calls and assisting them during any conversation with the customer if required to handle interactions better.

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