Zendesk Integrations with Contact Center Software Solution

Zendesk Certified App

You can seamlessly integrate Zendesk with Ameyo via Zendesk marketplace, which lists the certified apps after a stringent certification procedure. The public app integration, is facilitated using connectors that Ameyo offers. With public app integration Ameyo app is visible in the Zendesk UI.

Advanced Call Control Features

In addition to basic telephony functions like dialing and receiving calls, Ameyo contact center integration with Zendesk enables enhanced call functions like Call Transfer, Conference Call, Call Recording and Call-Back option along with setting various Call Dispositions for all the calls dialed or received. Such call control functionality leads to higher efficiency in the resolution of customer support tickets.

Automate Ticket Creation With Embedded Call Records

Zendesk integration with Ameyo helps to automatically generate a ticket for an incoming and outgoing call in addition to linking calls to existing tickets in Zendesk. All the call related data including the call recording URL is automatically tagged with the relevant ticket to ensure complete context for future actions. The easy field-mapping scheme allows auto-filling of customized data fields in Zendesk, provided relevant fields are created in Zendesk from the customer’s side.

Context Driven Interactions

With Ameyo contact center integration for Zendesk, your help desk agents will always be apprised with related customer details via automated CTI pop-up for all the inbound and outbound calls. Using the caller identification information, Ameyo pulls data from Zendesk and displays it to the agent. This gives the agents a better opportunity to drive contextual conversations while handling customer support queries and deliver more personalized customer experience and eventually results in higher agent productivity as well.

Improved Reporting and Monitoring

By providing call metrics data like call duration and average handling time for tickets in Zendesk, Ameyo furnishes more comprehensive reporting of call center agents’ performance and other KPIs. Ameyo Dashboard allows supervisors to instantly manage agent workforce in real-time, with a holistic view of call source, live calls, call duration, etc. and analyze the reports to take spontaneous yet informed decisions.


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Freshdesk Integration

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Salesforce Integration

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Zoho CRM Integration

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